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GNT Inflate - HD Video - 9'31 (368Mb) | PREVIEW

It's been a long time coming but finally the video of Frogwoman Sam inflating her GNT drysuit is available on my site. After trying out a Poseidon Atmosphere full face diving mask in the water she uses the remaining air in her SCUBA tank to inflate her smooth-skin GNT neoprene rubber drysuit!

Viking Dressing Video - 5'54 (481Mb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Sam is already zipped up from head to toe in her skintight smooth-skin neoprene rubber wetsuit, but that isn't going to stop her from stepping into and zipping herself up under another rubber layer, a shiny bright green and blue vulcanised rubber Viking drysuit!

Sam Ocean Reef GNT Dive - HD Video - 9'58 (376Mb) | PREVIEW

Join Frogwoman Sam in and under the water as she tries out her brand new helmet mounted GoPro video camera. Zipped up snug and tight in her smooth-skin neoprene rubber GNT drysuit, she pulls on her dive helmet and straps her Ocean Reef FFM tightly over her pretty face. Splashing around she tests the abilities of her new camera before she dares venture into deeper water.

Bianca Secora - HD Video - 6'47 (765Mb) | PREVIEW

A skin-tight, shiny rubber wetsuit worn by a curvy frogwoman and a Draeger Secora full face mask strapped tightly to her face... Bianca goes diving! With her yellow rubber boots contrasting against her black rubber suit, she straps on her mask before getting wet in and under the water. After showing us her pretty eyes half submerged beneath the lake surface, she squelches her way out of the water, before finally removing her full face mask.

Wetsuit Dressing - HD Video - 10'50 (1.26Gb) | PREVIEW

I'm always being asked to film the girls getting into their wetsuits, so finally I got around to asking Frogwoman Sam to show us how she slips into her skin-tight neoprene rubber wetsuit, pulls on her neoprene socks and hood, wriggles her fingers into her tight rubber gloves, straps on her diving knife, compass and depth meter, pulls on her tank and finally her weight belt. Over 10 minutes from start to end!

Sam Interspiro GNT - HD Video - 5'31 (636Mb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Sam checks her GNT drysuit valves and air feed before strapping on her yellow Interspiro Divator full face mask and getting wet in the water.

Anne Viking Ocean Reef Dive - HD Video - 8'13 (927Mb) | PREVIEW

On a very wet and cold day, Frogwoman Anne suits up in her Viking rubber drysuit and straps on her Ocean Reef FFM, with a microphone inside her mask you can hear her every breath even as she disapears beneath the water. After her dive she sits on a rock, water droplets course down her rubber covered curvaceous body, her rubber gloved hands pulling the full face mask from her pretty face.

Technisub Sam - HD Video - 5'42 (613Mb) | PREVIEW

All zipped up in her skin-tight neoprene rubber smooth-skin wetsuit, frogwoman Sam straps her vintage Technisub full face mask to her pretty face before bravely venturing into and under some very cold water!

GNT Suit Up - HD Video - 5'12 (582Mb) | PREVIEW

New frogwoman Sam struggles into her GNT drysuit. Already suited up in a smooth-skin rubber wetsuit, gloves and socks, she pulls the tight GNT neoprene rubber drysuit over her smooth, shiny curves. Attaching drysuit gloves and pulling on a tight hood she's all ready for the deep.

Bianca Draeger - HD Video - 6'32 (756Mb) | PREVIEW

New frogwoman Biana straps on a Draeger full face mask and gets wet, enjoying every moment her neoprene rubber covered body is submerged beneath the water.

Vintage Drysuit Gasmask Girl - HD Video - 5'00 (573Mb) | PREVIEW

Petite frogwoman Irina slip into a vintage ScubaPro sharkskin drysuit and straps on her modified for diving gas mask, she's all ready to enjoy herself under the cool lake surface.

Special Operations Frogwoman - HD Video - 7'27 (852Mb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Anne is all geared up and ready to leave on her secret mission into enemy territory. It will be dangerous on this operation so she's armed herself with some serious shooting hardware, to make sure she is invisible under the water she's wearing skin tight smooth black neoprene rubber from head to toe. This young lady is most definitely not to be messed with!

Hot and Steamy Draeger - HD Video - 5'19 (607Mb) | PREVIEW

This video of Tatjana just goes to show how good the modern day full face mask really is when it comes to controlling mask fogging. Her old Draeger mask fogs almost immediately upon her strapping it to her pretty face.

Yellow Draeger - HD Video - 6'30 (732Mb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Tatjana is fully geared up in her super tight and slick smooth-skin wetsuit, her rubber gloved hands adjust her yellow Draeger full face mask on her hooded head before she makes her dive. Lucky for her she doesn't go too deep as she suddenly realises she's running out of air!

Heavy Gear Ocean Reef Dive - HD Video - 10'54 (996Mb) | PREVIEW

Watch Frogwoman Irina in her heavy rubber Viking drysuit and rubber gauntlets with her Ocean Reef full face mask strapped tightly to her helmeted head as she plays in the water.

Anne Secora - HD Video - 9'46 (1.1Gb) | PREVIEW

Her skin-tight rubber wetsuit glistens in the rain as frogwoman Anne pulls on her Dräger Secora full face mask and gets even wetter as she wades into the water and disappears under the dark lake surface.

Viking Poseidon Anne - HD Video - 9'15 (1.02Gb) | PREVIEW

Watch Frogwoman Anne as she gears up and dives in her rubbery pink and light blue Viking drysuit with a Poseidon Atmosphere full face mask strapped securely to her pretty face.

Mina Spearfish - HD Video - 8'31 (319Mb) | PREVIEW

Mina in her tight smooth-skin rubber wetsuit playing with her speargun.

Anne Smoothskin AGA - HD Video - 7'43 (881Mb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Anne in her skin tight smooth-skin neoprene rubber wetsuit with her vintage AGA mask strapped securely to her gorgeous face.

Irina's Heavy Gear Dive - HD Video - 6'50 (505Mb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Irina in her heavy rubber Viking drysuit with a yellow silicon Interspiro Divator Mk.II full face mask strapped tightly to her pretty face.

Beavertail Beach Babe - HD Video - 5'15 (196Mb) | PREVIEW

A curvaceous young female diver suddenly appears from beneath the warm water. Small waves can be heard caressing the shoreline as Emilie shakes her head from side to side to remove surplus water. A beautiful face is revealed as she removes her dive mask. You can almost hear Emilie’s tight beavertail smooth skin jacket squeaking with each step as she walks slowly towards the shore. She picks up a spear gun, places her finger on the trigger and looks as though she intends to use it! The sun glints off her mask as she paces up and down in the water, spear gun in hand. Then Emilie runs along the beach towards us still clad in rubber!

Ocean Reef ScubaPro - HD Video - 5'53 (648Mb) | PREVIEW

Irina's lovely blue eyes squint slightly into the sun from within the confines of her Neptune full-face mask. Her beautiful lips are visible through the clear silicone internal mask which is snugly fitted over her nose and mouth. With her gloved hands she adjusts the mask position slightly. She is enjoying the confines of this awesome dive mask. As the camera pans down we can see that Irina is completely covered in black neoprene rubber. The water ripples as this lone rubber clad young woman walks into the lake. Every breath she takes is a pleasure to hear and a close up of her face reveals eyes which tell the story. Irina loves being a dive model.