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Frogwoman Anne Gearing Up Photoshoot - HD Video - 9'34 (555Mb) | PREVIEW

Join Frogwoman Anne as she slides into her smoothskin rubber wetsuit, straps on her dive knife, pulls on her matching smoothskin socks, flippers and mask. She poses for the camera showing her beautiful curves as her wetsuit shines in the light.

Added: 9th of February 2018

Frogwoman Eve Yellow Interspiro Drysuit Dive - 4K Video - 6'41 (776Mb) | PREVIEW

Join Frogwoman Eve as she dives with her Yellow Interspiro Divator full face mask and rubber viking drysuit. With a microphone placed into her mask, you can hear every breath she takes as she plays in the water. Available in both 4K and HD versions.

Added: 28th of January 2018

Frogwoman Anne Rescue Diver - HD Video - 12'20 (717Mb) | PREVIEW

Already zipped up in her skin-tight smoothskin wetsuit, Frogwoman Anne struggles into her yellow Musto drysuit, yellow rubber boots, blue dry gloves, orange Helly Hansen buoyancy aid and yellow Gant helmet. now suitably attired for cold water action she's ready to rescue anyone who needs help!

Added: 26th of December 2017

Frogwoman Irina Vintage Snorkel FFM - 4K Video - 5'04 (1.41Gb) | PREVIEW

Russian beauty, Frogwoman Irina gets all steamed up in her vintage full face snorkel mask. Zipped up in her smoothskin rubber wetsuit and hood, the vintage mask covers her face entirely. Listen as she breathes through the snorkel tube as she frolicks in the water. Available in both 4K and HD versions.

Added: 26th of November 2017

Frogwoman Eve Vintage AGA Mask Dive - 4K Video - 5'48 (869Mb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Eve tests out a vintage AGA full face mask. Dressed from head to toe in a heavy rubber Viking drysuit she enjoys a bit of retro diving, 80s style! Blue rubber drysuit gloves ensure she stays dry and warm when splashing about in the water. Available in both 4K and HD versions.

Added: 1st of November 2017

Gas Mask Frogwoman - 4K Video - 4'40 (1.3Gb) | PREVIEW

Russian beauty, Frogwoman Irina gets all physical dressed in her smooth-skin rubber wetsuit, matching hood and booties, rubber gloves and awesome gas mask! Listen to her breathing through the in mask microphone! Available in both 4K and HD versions.

Added: 1st of October 2017

Frogwoman Eve Secora Drysuit Dive - HD Video - 6'57 (323Mb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Eve dives in her Viking rubber drysuit and Draeger Secora full face mask. With a microphone placed inside her mask you can hear her breathing as she prepares for her dive!

Added: 10th of September 2017

Frogwoman Anne Vintage Swimsuit - HD Video - 8'35 (386Mb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Anne wears her vintage style swimsuit for one of our shoots together. She pulls on a vintage Fashy petal swimcap, covering all of her lovely long hair under the rubber bathing cap and finally straps on a full face snorkel mask from the 1970s. Gorgeous retro snorkelling!

Added: 1st of August 2017

Frogwoman Anne Easybreath Smoothskin - HD Video - 6'00 (443Mb) | PREVIEW

Beautiful curvy Frogwoman Anne poses for the camera during one of our photoshoots together. Zipped up in her tight figure hugging smoothskin wetsuit she wears both pink and a blue Easybreath full face snorkel masks. Every centimeter of her body is covered in shiny rubber and plastic, there is only one word that can describe her... Gorgeous!

Added: 2nd of July 2017

Frogwoman Eve Technisub Dive - 4K Video - 4'52 (1.36Gb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Eve gets all wet in her vintage dive gear. With a Technisub full face mask attached to a twin-hose mistral regulator, she pulls on her flippers before immersing her fully protected, neoprene rubber covered body under the water. Available in 4K, HD and SD formats.

Added: 23rd of June 2017

Surfs Up - HD Video - 13'53 (1081Mb) | PREVIEW

What would you do if you saw two lovely ladies zipped up in their rubbery drysuits playing together in the wild surf at the beach? Well I got my video camera out and shot the whole thing for your enjoyment. Smoothskin GNT drysuit, rubbery Viking drysuit, gloves, hoods and full face masks, these girls are totally protected from some very cold and rough water!

Added: 1st of June 2017

Frogwoman Anne Ocean Reef Shoot - HD Video - 5'23 (397Mb) | PREVIEW

Gorgeous Frogwoman Anne poses for the camera as she slips into her pink and blue rubber Viking drysuit, pulling the suit over her smoothskin wetsuited body. Finally strapping an Ocean Reed full face diving mask to her face she is ready to dive in the very cold water of the lake.

Added: 14th of May 2017

Frogwoman Anne's GM Riding Boots Shoot - HD Video - 3'32 (415Mb) | PREVIEW

I always ask the girls to bring rain boots to our shoots, this helps protect the neoprene socks from being damaged whilst they pose on the rocks and also looks awesome! Frogwoman Anne wears her own tight rubbery riding boots, skin tight smooth-skin neoprene wetsuit and hood, rubber gloves and a modified for diving gas mask.

Added: 17th of April 2017

Irina Beavertail Suit - HD Video - 10'42 (1.21Gb) | PREVIEW

Gorgeous petite Russian Frogwoman Irina zips herself into her tight, shiny smooth rubber beavertail wetsuit. She then uses her vintage 8mm cine camera to shoot some footage of the beautiful scenery before strapping a dive knife to her upper leg, pulls her mask and snorkel on, finally she's ready for wet water action!

Added: 12th of March 2017

Frogwoman Anne's Easybreath Shoot - HD Video - 5'33 (648Mb) | PREVIEW

Video from my photo-shoot with the ever gorgeous and curvy Frogwoman Anne as she tries out a full face Easybreath Snorkel Mask.

Added: 27th of February 2017

Anne's Interspiro Shoot - HD Video - 5'23 (630Mb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Anne is tightly zipped up snug and warm in her pink and blue Viking rubber drysuit, with her yellow Interspiro Divator mask strapped on she poses for the camera.

Added: 29th of January 2017

Frogwoman Anne Pink Mask Shoot - HD Video - 10'30 (1.48Gb) | PREVIEW

Luscious frogwoman Anne poses for the camera in her smooth-skin rubber wetsuit during one of our photoshoots together. After first posing in just her wetsuit, she pulls on a pink diving mask, then finally adds a matching vintage pink petal swimcap to complete her cute look. With the original un-altered sound you can hear her talking and asking questions during the shoot.

Added: 28th of December 2016

Frogwoman Anne Secora Photoshoot - HD Video - 4'51 (715Mb) | PREVIEW

Beautiful curvy frogwoman Anne strikes poses for the camera during one of our shoots together. Zipped up in her shiny, skin-tight, smooth-skin wetsuit with a Draeger Secora full face mask strapped on tightly to her hooded head, listen as she breathes through her mask whilst posing for my camera.

Added: 6th of November 2016

GNT Inflate - HD Video - 9'31 (368Mb) | PREVIEW

It's been a long time coming but finally the video of Frogwoman Sam inflating her GNT drysuit is available on my site. After trying out a Poseidon Atmosphere full face diving mask in the water she uses the remaining air in her SCUBA tank to inflate her smooth-skin GNT neoprene rubber drysuit!

Added: 16th of August 2014

Viking Dressing Video - 5'54 (481Mb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Sam is already zipped up from head to toe in her skintight smooth-skin neoprene rubber wetsuit, but that isn't going to stop her from stepping into and zipping herself up under another rubber layer, a shiny bright green and blue vulcanised rubber Viking drysuit!

Added: 9th of May 2014

Sam Ocean Reef GNT Dive - HD Video - 9'58 (376Mb) | PREVIEW

Join Frogwoman Sam in and under the water as she tries out her brand new helmet mounted GoPro video camera. Zipped up snug and tight in her smooth-skin neoprene rubber GNT drysuit, she pulls on her dive helmet and straps her Ocean Reef FFM tightly over her pretty face. Splashing around she tests the abilities of her new camera before she dares venture into deeper water.

Added: 7th of April 2014

Wetsuit Dressing - HD Video - 10'50 (1.26Gb) | PREVIEW

I'm always being asked to film the girls getting into their wetsuits, so finally I got around to asking Frogwoman Sam to show us how she slips into her skin-tight neoprene rubber wetsuit, pulls on her neoprene socks and hood, wriggles her fingers into her tight rubber gloves, straps on her diving knife, compass and depth meter, pulls on her tank and finally her weight belt. Over 10 minutes from start to end!

Added: 8th of February 2014

Sam Interspiro GNT - HD Video - 5'31 (636Mb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Sam checks her GNT drysuit valves and air feed before strapping on her yellow Interspiro Divator full face mask and getting wet in the water.

Added: 10th of January 2014