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Frogwoman Kamile – Rubber over Rubber

Frogwoman Kamile – Rubber over Rubber. See the full length video: As the sun blazes overhead, its rays cascade down, casting a radiant glow and shimmering highlights off Frogwoman Kamile’s rubberized one-piece swimsuit. Every ripple on the water’s surface seems to beckon her, drawing her closer to the heart of the lake’s untamed beauty. Clutching her vintage 8mm cine camera, Kamile is more than just a spectator – she’s an artist, intent on capturing the lake’s ethereal spirit.

The lake itself seems to play with her, its shimmering reflection dancing in the lens of her camera, telling tales of its depths and the secrets it holds. Every shot she takes is a testament to the timelessness of nature and the fleeting moments of human interaction with it.

But nature is unpredictable. A sudden, brisk wind sweeps in, its force felt right to the marrow. The gust sends an electrifying chill racing down her spine, a stark contrast to the sun’s warm embrace. Recognizing nature’s cue, she gracefully transitions, pulling on a sleek, gleaming black neoprene beavertail wetsuit. The material clings to her, providing the insulation she needs against the lake’s cool touch.

Frogwoman Kamile - Rubber over Rubber. See the full length video:

Now, wrapped in this protective second skin, Kamile is unstoppable. She continues her cinematic exploration, wading deeper into the waters, capturing the interplay of light and shadow beneath the waves. Her journey is a symphony of nature and artistry, where every frame paints a story, and every moment becomes a breathtaking dance of nature and film.

Frogwoman Kamile – Rubber over Rubber. See the full length video in full 4K resolution!

Video Update

Frogwoman Kamile – Silver Beavertail Wetsuit

Frogwoman Kamile – Silver Beavertail Wetsuit – See the full length 4K video:

Immerse yourself in the captivating journey of the enchanting Frogwoman Kamile. Marvel at her ethereal beauty as she walks towards our shooting location, her naked body encased beneath the shimmering, skin-tight embrace of a dark silver, neoprene rubber beavertail wetsuit. Adorned with a vintage pink petal bathing cap and brandishing a speargun, she’s a mesmerizing sight that provokes double-takes from unsuspecting drivers and cyclists alike. Kamile’s radiant allure is undeniable, capturing the gaze of every passerby.

Read more about Frogwoman Kamile.

Frogwomen SCUBA Fantasy updates

Introducing Frogwoman Kamile

Introducing Frogwoman Kamile

Introducing Frogwoman Kamile, a captivating and enchanting young woman who carries forward the legacy of a long line of stunning women. With grace and allure, Kamile dons the iconic and form-fitting neoprene rubber wetsuits that have become synonymous with my work. See more of her on the June SCUBA Fantasy update!

Standing a statuesque 172 cm tall and weighing a perfectly balanced 63 kg, with a shoe size of 39, she slips into each wetsuit in my well-stocked dive locker with an ease that is simply poetry in motion.

Keep your eyes peeled! An array of even more stunning Frogwomen are poised to make their debut this year. Stay tuned!

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Frogwoman Anna – Draeger Panorama Nova Winter Dive

Frogwoman Anna – Draeger Panorama Nova Winter Dive – With a palpable sense of anticipation coursing through her veins, Agent Frogwoman Anna is skillfully enveloped within the impenetrable confines of her state-of-the-art rubber Viking drysuit, an elegant shield against the merciless chill of the depths. As she gracefully fastens the cutting-edge Draeger Panorama Nova full-face diving mask to her alluring visage, she feels the irresistible thrill of adventure surging through her.

Fearlessly confronting the icy grasp of the frozen lake water, Agent Anna descends with poise and precision into the enigmatic abyss for a spine-tingling winter’s day dive. Over 19 minutes of enthralling, pulse-pounding frogwoman action, captured in unprecedented detail and presented for the very first time in exquisitely remastered 4K resolution!

See the full length video:

News Video Update

Frogwoman Irina – Grey Interspiro Viking Dive

Frogwoman Irina – Grey Interspiro Viking Dive. See the full 11 minute video –

Get ready to dive into the depths of adventure with the courageous Frogwoman, Irina! Clad in her impenetrable, thick rubber Viking drysuit, Irina is ready to tackle the toughest underwater challenges, pushing herself and her gear to the absolute limits.

As she readies herself for this thrilling adventure, Irina wrestles with her Divator Mk.2 full-face diving mask, her rubber gloves making the task of fastening the mask to her hooded head a challenge. However, with her unwavering determination and skillful precision, she carefully ensures a watertight seal, knowing that her gear is crucial to her survival in these hostile waters.

Her heart races with excitement as she takes a deep breath, bracing herself for the icy abyss that lies ahead. The adrenaline pumps through her veins as she fearlessly plunges into the unknown, every sense tingling with anticipation.

The chilling water swirls around her, and Irina is enveloped in a dark embrace, the only light emanating from her diving gear. The underwater world comes alive around her, as she boldly subjects her rubbery diving gear to the ultimate test of endurance and performance, proving herself as a true master of the underwater world.

Join Irina on this pulse-pounding journey, where danger and excitement lurk around every corner. From the frigid waters to the depths of the unknown, there’s no challenge too great for this fearless Frogwoman. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime as Irina dives deeper into the unknown, showcasing her remarkable courage and unwavering passion for the art of diving!


Frogwoman Tatjana – First Time Technisub

Frogwoman Tatjana – First Time Technisub HD Video. See the full length video –

Frogwoman Tatjana was no stranger to adventure, but this particular day was different. The weather was far from ideal for diving, with the rain pouring down and the wind howling. Nevertheless, she was determined to try out her classic Technisub full-face diving mask. She had heard good things about it and was eager to see for herself if it lived up to the hype.

As she slipped into her gleaming neoprene rubber suit, Tatjana felt the full protection that it offered from the rain. The suit fit her like a glove, hugging every curve of her body. She was encased in a sleek and stylish layer of rubber that was both practical and attractive.

With the mask securely in place, Tatjana took her first breaths through her Mistral regulator. The visor of the mask was dotted with sparkling rain droplets that danced in the light. The glass of the mask slowly fogged with the intense heat generated by her body inside the tight rubber suit. But this did not bother Tatjana in the slightest. She was too excited about the adventure that lay ahead of her.

She took a few more breaths, getting used to the sensation of breathing through the regulator. However, due to unfavorable conditions, she ultimately decided not to dive into the water but instead stayed on the surface. She wanted to fully test the mask and its capabilities, so she remained in the wet and windy weather, observing its performance.

In the end, Frogwoman Tatjana had a truly memorable experience that day. The wet and windy weather may have been less than ideal, but it did not dampen her spirit or her love of adventure. She had embarked on a new journey, trying out a classic Technisub full-face diving mask for the first time, and she was impressed with its capabilities even in adverse conditions.

SCUBA Fantasy updates

SCUBA Fantasy Update – September 2022

SCUBA Fantasy Update - September 2022

SCUBA Fantasy Update – September 2022 – See the full update

Video Update

Frogwoman Sam – GNT Drysuit – Suiting Up

Frogwoman Sam – GNT Drysuit – Suiting Up. Frogwoman Sam struggles into her GNT drysuit. Already suited up in a smooth-skin rubber wetsuit, gloves and socks, she pulls the tight GNT neoprene rubber drysuit over her smooth, shiny curves. Attaching drysuit gloves and pulling on a tight hood she’s all ready for the deep. See the full length video:

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SCUBA Reality updates

SCUBA Reality – September 2022 Update

SCUBA Reality - September 2022 Update

SCUBA Reality – September 2022 Update – Frogwoman Tatjana features in this months update, see the full update here –


SCUBA Fantasy – August 2022 Update

SCUBA Fantasy - August 2022 Update

SCUBA Fantasy – August 2022 Update – Frogwoman Tatjana in her skin-tight neoprene rubber wetsuit tries on some experimental modified for water gas masks in this months’ update… See the full update here:

Frogwoman Irina also gets wet whilst trying out my modified Siebe Gorman snorkel mask in a 4K video!

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