Rubber Riding Boots – Why do I love them?

Click HERE to watch Frogwoman Tatjana in her tight smoothskin wetsuit and rubber riding boots.
Rubber Riding Boots – Why do I love them? Essential wet weather footwear, or just for fun in the Bedroom?
Frogwoman Tatjana in her rubber riding boots

Rubber Riding Boots – Why do I love them? I remember being very interested in seeing the women at the horse stables in their riding boots and riding breeches. I particularly liked rubber riding boots, there was a lot of muck around, small slender feminine feet protected from all of the filth under a layer of cool impenetrable rubber. The boots clinging tightly to their calves, narrowing at the ankle with a low heel and smooth formed toe tip. Cut just below the knee at a slight angle, accentuating the shape of their long female legs, gorgeous!

Fast forward a few years. The idea of combining both rubber wetsuits and riding boots came about due to a need to prevent the girls hurting their feet on rocks and stones during shoots. The first time she pulled on a pair of Aigle rubber riding boots over her neoprene covered feet, I knew this was going to be something I would want to see again and again! I’ve used riding boots on many shoots, paired together with neoprene wetsuits, rubber catsuits and shiny gold lycra bodysuits. Amassing a varied collection of boots from Romika, Stylo, Aigle and others, my top choice is the Aigle Start boot. They’re super soft and flexible and the girls find them really comfortable.

Rubber Riding Boots – The one drawback

As I see it, there is only one drawback to using rubber riding boots on my shoots. Once the boots get damp inside (water ingress or sweaty feet) they are almost impossible to get off! So many times the girls have been lain flat on their backs as I pull with all my might on their slippery boots, trying to free their feet from a wet rubbery prison! If I am honest, this is often the best part of my day!

So in conclusion, the next time you catch a glimpse of one of my Frogwomen in her rubber riding boots, you’ll now know why.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this subject, please leave me a comment below. You may also find this post interesting.

Video Update

Frogwoman Anne – The AGAnaut

Frogwoman Anne – The AGAnaut

Frogwoman Anne – The AGAnaut – Way back in 1963, the Swedish company AGA launched their first fog free full face dive mask, the AGA mask. Manufactured from natural rubber, dry air flushes the inside of the visor, keeping it fog free. The mask Frogwoman Anne has strapped to her pretty face was originally purchased in 1980. Smoothskin wetsuit, matching hood, rubber gloves, lead weights and a 7 litre dive tank complete her minimalist dive attire. Of the many full face masks I posses, the AGA mask is the one that I think frames Anne’s face the best, showing off her lovely blue eyes to perfection. Watch the full video HERE.

Behind the scenes – Frogwoman Anne – The AGAnaut

Frogwoman Anne - The AGAnaut
Frogwoman Anne - The AGAnaut
The AGA mask frames Anne’s face beautifully, really highlighting her lovely blue eyes.
Snuggled under an umbrella with Frogwoman Tatjana for an hour was a pleasure and very memorable, but we ultimately had to cancel the shoot.

Rain, rain, rain… And more rain! Obviously Anne was protected under her neoprene rubber skin, but the rain was finding its way between the suit and her naked flesh. She was unbelievably cold. With the wind blowing strongly, she stood her ground and kept performing for the camera.

Only once before had I tried to shoot in such horrible weather. On that occasion I spent the entire time huddled beside Tatjana under a small umbrella, chatting for a hour before calling it a day. This time there would be no cancellation, we were going to shoot whatever the weather! Bravely, Anne slid into her wetsuit, pulled on her neoprene hood and socks, zipper pulled up tight sealing her in. Slipping on her rubber boots and pulling on her rubber gloves, she was ready to shoot.

Masked strapped tightly to her face Anne finally waded into the water. I could see her body tense as the cold lake water leaked into her suit. Knowing she was cold I quickly filmed what we needed. She looked magnificent in the dripping wet neoprene. With her rubber boots still filled with water, Anne ran squelching to the car and jumped in. Turning the heating onto full, she sat shivering for 30 minutes slowly warming up! Then, without any complaint, walked back to the lake and was ready to shoot the next setup. What a pro!

Tell me how you would like to spend a wet afternoon and with which Frogwoman in the comments below.

SCUBA Fantasy updates

SCUBA Fantasy – Rubber Frogwoman

SCUBA Fantasy - Rubber Frogwoman
‘Does my bum look big in this suit?’, she asked…

SCUBA Fantasy – Rubber Frogwoman Claudia, covered from head to toe in tight slippery rubber. With a heavily modified Technisub twin-hose full face mask strapped on tightly. Mirrored glass means she can see us but we can’t see her! The only thing clearly heard is her sucking in air through a Mistral regulator, exhaling loudly through the internal rubber bladder. As the camera shutter clicks I hear a muffled female voice from behind the mask… ‘Does my bum look big in this suit?’, she asked… How to answer?!?

I like curvy Frogwomen so automatically I told her she looked perfect, but what about you? Curves and bumps, or slender and compact? Taut and athletic or something else? Leave a comment below and let me know what your preference is.

SCUBA Fantasy – Rubber Frogwoman Claudia poses in her rubber and neoprene suits, with dive masks and gas masks – SCUBA Fantasy Preview

SCUBA Fantasy – Little Red Rubber Boots – Frogwoman Irina – 4K Video

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Petite Russian Frogwoman Irina, wears her tight neoprene wetsuit. Color coordinating her long red hair with a pair of original red 1980s rubber boots made by Dunlop. Part 1 of a 4K video available in the SCUBA Fantasy members area.

I need your help!

If you know where I can get a pair of the pictured yellow boots in any size from EU38 to 41 (UK 5 to 6.5) then please let me know. I’ve been searching for these boots for over 30 years and have never seen a pair for sale. I’d be eternally grateful for any help in locating a pair in good condition! I don’t know who manufactured the boots, but I know they were on sale in the UK during the mid to late 80s.

Behind the scenes Video Update

The Frogwoman

The Frogwoman – Watch the full length video HERE. What image comes to mind when you think of a Frogwoman? Everyone will have their own idea, but for me ‘The Frogwoman’ can only be Russian beauty Tatjana. Standing at a statuesque 1.82 meters, with her vibrant red hair, she stuns all who meet her dressed in her classic Frogwoman attire! Skin tight rubber wetsuit, dive-knife strapped to her calf. Rubber fins on her feet, weight belt with contrasting yellow weights resting on her hips. Matching yellow and black rubber dive mask and snorkel complete the costume. She knows she looks like a dive goddess and she likes it!

The Frogwoman – Behind the Scenes

The Frogwoman
Russian dive goddess – The Frogwoman

The work day started incredibly early. In order to catch the first morning sun, Tatjana and I arrived at the location at 5am, it was still dark. While I carried all the gear down to the lake, Tatjana slipped into her very tight wetsuit. Shivering in the fresh and dewy morning air, she carefully made her way down the sharp rocks and into position just as the sun rose over the hillside. Bathed in a glorious warm golden light, she slipped her cold feet into a pair of neoprene socks. We briefly paused shooting just to appreciate the beauty of the moment, a moment even more intense for me as just seeing Tatjana standing dressed as she was, curves and bumps glistening in the sunlight was like being in an erotic dream!

On a shoot I am normally fully preoccupied with just making sure I capture all of the footage and photos needed. I don’t get a chance to just stop and admire the beautiful women standing in front of me through anything other than the viewfinder of my camera. Sometimes I wish I could just sit back and watch the girls and not be worrying about whether the shot is in focus or the audio is being recorded!

Once we had wrapped this sequence, it was straight back up to the car so Tatjana could warm up before the next take. The passenger seat in my car has been host to many neoprene covered bottoms over the years!

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SCUBA Reality updates

French and German Frogwomen – SCUBA Reality Update

French and German Frogwomen - SCUBA Reality Update
Aurélie carefully tucks all of her hair into the neoprene rubber hood.

French and German Frogwomen – SCUBA Reality Update. Frogwoman Aurélie wears a Technisub mask. Frogwoman Anne finally gets out of her drysuit. All in the October 2021 SCUBA Reality update.

Frogwoman Aurélie is a native of the French city of Montpellier, situated in Southern France, 10km inland from the Mediterranean Sea. Always with a smile on her face she happily frolics in the surf. Wearing a vintage Ronny wetsuit (sadly no longer in business), she carefully tucks all of her copper brown hair into the matching neoprene rubber hood. A vintage twin-hose Technisub full face mask in hand, ready to strap on tightly to her very pretty face.

More French and German Frogwomen – In the second and final part of this 4K video, lovely German Fraulein Anne finally manages to extract all of her curves and bumps out of a very tightly fitting GNT drysuit. Sadly I believe that GNT are also out of business, making this a very rare suit indeed! Constructed from 8mm smooth-skin neoprene rubber, these suits are extremely warm to wear.

See the full update and video – SCUBA Reality Update

What Motivates Me?

Claudine Auger – Thunderball (1965)

For those of you who don’t know anything about me, let me tell you of some of the things that inspire and motivate my work.

I’ve been taking pictures of beautiful Frogwomen since the late 1980s! Originally with a film camera and now a DSLR. Influenced by films from the 1960s and 70s where beautiful women would wear tight form fitting rubber wetsuits, almost always combined with twin-hose regulators and oval dive masks. Not afraid to look sexy in their smooth beavertail wetsuits, with fashionable petal bathing caps protecting their long hair, a vision of these powerful women was burnt brightly into my then young impressionable imagination!

Some of the films that have inspired me: Man’s Favorite Sport, Code 7… Victim 5, James Bond (particularly Thunderball), Fantastic Voyage

As modern diving equipment has evolved it has become much safer and more comfortable to use, but for me at least, it has lost the pure and simple attraction of the vintage gear.

It has long been my goal to revisit those more innocent years, when SCUBA diving was an extraordinary and exciting activity for a young woman, where the diving suits and equipment accentuated the female form. In conclusion, I present to you my life work…

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