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Frogwoman Émilie – Technisub at the Beach

Frogwoman Émilie – Technisub at the Beach. Young French Frogwoman Émilie has her very first experience with the classic Technisub full face dive mask. Rubber hoses connect the mask to a vintage Mistral regulator, one hose to supply air, the other for her exhaled breath. Sealed tightly under a waterproof skin of smooth and shiny neoprene rubber, she pulls on a pair of Balco fins before finally affixing the ffm to her face. With every inch of her body covered in black rubber, she needs to cool off, the water looks very inviting!

You can watch the full length (Over 11 minutes) video HERE!

I remember a very nervous 19 year old girl being dropped off at the location in the South of France by her father. I’m not too sure what she expected, but after chatting a little bit and explaining the shoot process, she started to relax and we could begin work. It always takes a bit of time for new girls to fully relax in front of the camera and Émilie was no exception.

I will always start with easy stuff, beavertail jacket, hair free to blow in the wind, snorkel and mask. Then I slowly introduce heavier gear, full suit, hood, socks, gloves etc. Finally it’s time for the full face masks. By this time the girls are totally relaxed and the whole process has been fun and easy, so they’re not freaked out when their face is hidden behind plastic and rubber. Once they realise they can breathe easily, there is no stopping them! It’s all about building trust.

If you’re professional and respectful, attentive to their needs and explain everything you want, these lovely adventurous girls are more than happy to give all sorts of things a go!

Frogwoman Émilie - Technisub at the Beach
Frogwoman Émilie – Technisub at the Beach.
SCUBA Fantasy updates

SCUBA Fantasy – Frogwoman Aurélie

SCUBA Fantasy - Frogwoman Aurélie
SCUBA Fantasy – Frogwoman Aurélie

SCUBA Fantasy – Frogwoman Aurélie features in the November 2021 update of SCUBA Fantasy. A native of the French city of Montpellier, on the Mediterranean coast, with her beautiful blue eyes and ever ready smile. Aurélie tries on some heavily modified gas masks at her own private pool and also at the seaside.

SCUBA Fantasy – Little Red Rubber Boots – Frogwoman Irina – 4K Video

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Petite Russian Frogwoman Irina, wears her tight neoprene wetsuit. Color coordinating her long red hair with a pair of original red 1980s rubber boots made by Dunlop. Part 2 of a 4K video available in the SCUBA Fantasy members area.

I need your help!

If you know where I can get a pair of the pictured yellow boots in any size from EU38 to 41 (UK 5 to 6.5) then please let me know. I’ve been searching for these boots for over 30 years and have never seen a pair for sale. I’d be eternally grateful for any help in locating a pair in good condition! I don’t know who manufactured the boots, but I know they were on sale in the UK during the mid to late 80s.

Video Update

Gas Mask on the Rocks – HD Video

Gas Mask on the Rocks – HD Video featuring Russian Frogwoman Tatjana. Never one to miss out on trying something new, Tatjana straps on a yellow silicon modified gas mask with an awesome curved visor.

Perched on the rocks in her skin-tight neoprene rubber wetsuit, hood and gloves. Tatjana tries out a unique, one of a kind, modified for diving gas mask. What I particularly like about the mask is the curved visor. This is totally useless underwater as the curved plastic distorts what you’re seeing. But I love the way it shows the girls eyes and face much clearer than a normal dive mask.

I’ve shot with Tatjana many times and something I’ve noticed is that she seems to be really into the gear she’s wearing. I see her zone out, feeling the mask she’s wearing with her rubber gloved hands, or inspecting her long legs, checking how they look under a rubber skin. Suddenly there is a slight awkwardness as she realizes I’m still there shooting, her cheeks blush ever so slightly. I wonder what she’s been thinking about?

Gas Mask on the Rocks - HD Video
Gas Mask on the Rocks – HD Video

Watch the full length video:

Watch the preview video on YouTube

SCUBA Reality updates

Frogwoman Anne’s first shoot

Frogwoman Anne's first shoot
Frogwoman Anne’s first professional shoot
Frogwoman Anne's first shoot
My first (very blurry) photo of Anne and her first time wearing a beavertail wetsuit!

Frogwoman Anne’s very first shoot with me was way back in September 2011! I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed since then. Only 18 years old when she stood in front of my camera for the first time. Standing at 1.68 meters tall, all curves, with a natural radiant beauty and stunning blue eyes, Anne’s intelligence, easy attitude and ever ready smile make her an absolute pleasure to work with.

I am always surprised how patient the girls are during our shoots. Standing tall and posing in hot or cold conditions, either sweating profusely or freezing cold in their neoprene rubber suits. Weighed down with a hefty dive tank and heavy weights resting on their hips. Waiting patiently as I adjust the lights and reflectors, trying best to frame the stunning beauty standing before my camera lens.

See more photos of this lovely young German Frogwoman in the November 2021 SCUBA Reality update.

Chatty Frogwoman Suzi

I have been asked so many times for videos of my frogwomen talking whilst geared up. Most of the girls are quite shy and are not at all comfortable talking to the camera. For many of them English is not their first language. However, British Frogwoman Suzi is more than happy to chat about how she feels in all of the delightful rubbery gear she is wearing. With a microphone mounted in her Ocean Reef full face mask, you can hear every breath she takes as she talks about how she likes to be encased in tight shiny rubber.

Part 1 of a 3 part HD video is available in the November 2021 SCUBA Reality members area.

You can see more of sumptuous German Frogwoman Anne from our first video shoot together.

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