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Frogwoman Anne – Poseidon Viking Dive

Frogwoman Anne – Poseidon Viking Dive

Frogwoman Anne – Poseidon Viking Dive. Watch the full length video:

Protected under two rubbery layers, smoothskin neoprene rubber wetsuit and a thick vulcanized rubber Viking drysuit. Pretty German Frogwoman Anne gears up and dives in a Poseidon Atmosphere full face mask. Adverse weather conditions mean she’s just as wet out of the water as she is under the water!

Frogwoman Anne - Poseidon Viking Dive
SCUBA Fantasy updates

Frogwoman Anne – SCUBA Fantasy Update

Frogwoman Anne - SCUBA Fantasy Update
Frogwoman Anne – SCUBA Fantasy Update

Frogwoman Anne – SCUBA Fantasy Update for December 2021 features beautiful young German Frogwoman Anne in her skin-tight, shiny rubber wetsuit. With a choice of different colored Tribord Easybreath full face snorkel masks to choose from, what color should she choose? Her favorite color of course, that’ll be pink!

When you sign up for a SCUBA Fantasy membership, you get access to 19 years of archives! Photos and videos of all of my lovely Frogwomen! For 17 euros per month you’ll really be helping me continue to make pictures and videos of these lovely ladies in their wild SCUBA gear.

SCUBA Fantasy – Little Red Rubber Boots – Frogwoman Irina – 4K Video

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Petite Russian Frogwoman Irina, wears her tight neoprene wetsuit. Color coordinating her long red hair with a pair of original red 1980s rubber boots made by Dunlop. Part 3 of a 4K video available in the SCUBA Fantasy members area.

I need your help!

If you know where I can get a pair of the pictured yellow boots in any size from EU38 to 41 (UK 5 to 6.5) then please let me know. I’ve been searching for these boots for over 30 years and have never seen a pair for sale. I’d be eternally grateful for any help in locating a pair in good condition! I don’t know who manufactured the boots, but I know they were on sale in the UK during the mid to late 80s.

Video Update

Poseidon Heavy Gear Dive

Frogwoman Tatjana – Poseidon Heavy Gear Dive

Poseidon Heavy Gear Dive – Russian Frogwoman Tatjana struggles to get herself into a very heavy Gates AM Pro rubber drysuit. Already zipped up snug and warm, she’s covered from head to toe in shiny, smooth-skin neoprene rubber. Now she needs to make sure that no water will penetrate down to her skin. She seals herself under another layer of thick, heavy rubber. Strapping on a Poseidon full face diving mask and affixing heavy rubber mittens to the suit, she backs into the water for a nice refreshing dive.

Watch the full 15 minute video:

More information about the full face dive mask that Tatjana is wearing in this video –

Frogwoman Tatjana - Poseidon Heavy Gear Dive
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