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Getting into a wetsuit

Getting into a wetsuit – Watch the full length video:

I’m always being asked to film the girls getting into their wetsuits, so finally I got around to asking Frogwoman Sam to show us how she slips into her skin-tight neoprene rubber wetsuit, pulls on her neoprene socks and hood, wriggles her fingers into her tight rubber gloves, straps on her diving knife, compass and depth meter, pulls on her tank and finally her weight belt. Over 10 minutes from start to end!

If you like the wetsuit, you can purchase a similar suit from Eliossub.

What Motivates Me?

For those of you who don’t know anything about me, let me tell you of some of the things that inspire and motivate my work.

Getting into a wetsuit
Code 7… Victim 5 (1964)

I’ve been taking pictures of beautiful Frogwomen since the late 1980s! Originally with a film camera and now a DSLR. Influenced by films from the 1960s and 70s where beautiful women would wear tight form fitting rubber wetsuits, almost always combined with twin-hose regulators and oval dive masks. Not afraid to look sexy in their smooth beavertail wetsuits, with fashionable petal bathing caps protecting their long hair, a vision of these powerful women was burnt brightly into my then young impressionable imagination!

Some of the films that have inspired me: Man’s Favorite Sport, Code 7… Victim 5, James Bond (particularly Thunderball), Fantastic Voyage

As modern diving equipment has evolved it has become much safer and more comfortable to use, but for me at least, it has lost the pure and simple attraction of the vintage gear.

It has long been my goal to revisit those more innocent years, when SCUBA diving was an extraordinary and exciting activity for a young woman, where the diving suits and equipment accentuated the female form. In conclusion, I present to you my life work…

If you like your Frogwomen in rubber, check this out – Maria Perschy in a rubber suit!

SCUBA Fantasy updates

SCUBA Fantasy – January 2022

SCUBA Fantasy - January 2022
SCUBA Fantasy – January 2022
Gabriella Wright - Eliossub wetsuit
Gabriella Wright as Gina – Transporter Refuelled 2015

SCUBA Fantasy – January 2022 – With her long slender legs, Frogwoman Tatjana is sitting on the rocks in her tight beavertail jacket. This photo was the inspiration for the costume worn by Gabriella Wright in the 2015 film ‘The Transporter Refuelled’. I was contacted by the costume designer in 2014 after the film director had seen a picture of Frogwoman Tatjana. Ultimately they purchased 5 suits for the film production.

Sadly the sequence was very short in the final film, but Gabriella looks stunning in her SCUBA gear. It’s satisfying to think that a picture I took made a small impact on a feature film.

Bizarrely, that same year I was also contacted directly by Disney. They wanted to purchase 30 silver smoothskin wetsuits for a film production. They needed them within a couple of days. Sadly it just wasn’t doable. I never found out what production they were intended for.

Part 1 of a 2 part 4K video, Frogwoman Eve struggles to slip into her very tight and heavy rubber viking drysuit. See this and 184 other videos and 6163 pictures in the SCUBA Fantasy members area.


Raquel Welch – Fantastic Voyage (1966)

Raquel Welch - Fantastic Voyage (1966)
Raquel Welch – Fantastic Voyage (1966)

Raquel Welch – Fantastic Voyage (1966) – There are a few movies that define a generation and in the process, expose so many young minds towards fantasies of young ladies in tight rubber wetsuits. Fantastic Voyage is possibly the seminal wetsuit fetishists film. Starring a young Raquel Welch in her first major feature film roll. Fantastic Voyage is a Sci-Fi film about a journey into the mind of a scientist to repair a life threatening brain injury.

I was surfing eBay when I stumbled across a listing for 5 original transparencies of the delightful Raquel in her ever so tight white rubber wetsuit. The film (particularly the antibody sequence) formed and shaped my desire to photograph the female form under neoprene rubber. I felt compelled to part with quite a sizeable chunk of money so I could own these little slices of history.

I’d love to hear if Raquel in her wetsuit, encased in figure hugging antibodies had the same effect on you as it did to my young mind when I first saw the film in the late 70s. As she gasps for breath… “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe…”. What a moment! Let me know if you have any information about the wetsuit Miss Welch is wearing, or any details on the shooting process.

You may be interested in another eBay find of mine.

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