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Frogwoman Anna – Draeger Panorama Nova Winter Dive

Frogwoman Anna – Draeger Panorama Nova Winter Dive – With a palpable sense of anticipation coursing through her veins, Agent Frogwoman Anna is skillfully enveloped within the impenetrable confines of her state-of-the-art rubber Viking drysuit, an elegant shield against the merciless chill of the depths. As she gracefully fastens the cutting-edge Draeger Panorama Nova full-face diving mask to her alluring visage, she feels the irresistible thrill of adventure surging through her.

Fearlessly confronting the icy grasp of the frozen lake water, Agent Anna descends with poise and precision into the enigmatic abyss for a spine-tingling winter’s day dive. Over 19 minutes of enthralling, pulse-pounding frogwoman action, captured in unprecedented detail and presented for the very first time in exquisitely remastered 4K resolution!

See the full length video:

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