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The Frogwoman

The Frogwoman – Watch the full length video HERE. What image comes to mind when you think of a Frogwoman? Everyone will have their own idea, but for me ‘The Frogwoman’ can only be Russian beauty Tatjana. Standing at a statuesque 1.82 meters, with her vibrant red hair, she stuns all who meet her dressed in her classic Frogwoman attire! Skin tight rubber wetsuit, dive-knife strapped to her calf. Rubber fins on her feet, weight belt with contrasting yellow weights resting on her hips. Matching yellow and black rubber dive mask and snorkel complete the costume. She knows she looks like a dive goddess and she likes it!

The Frogwoman – Behind the Scenes

The Frogwoman
Russian dive goddess – The Frogwoman

The work day started incredibly early. In order to catch the first morning sun, Tatjana and I arrived at the location at 5am, it was still dark. While I carried all the gear down to the lake, Tatjana slipped into her very tight wetsuit. Shivering in the fresh and dewy morning air, she carefully made her way down the sharp rocks and into position just as the sun rose over the hillside. Bathed in a glorious warm golden light, she slipped her cold feet into a pair of neoprene socks. We briefly paused shooting just to appreciate the beauty of the moment, a moment even more intense for me as just seeing Tatjana standing dressed as she was, curves and bumps glistening in the sunlight was like being in an erotic dream!

On a shoot I am normally fully preoccupied with just making sure I capture all of the footage and photos needed. I don’t get a chance to just stop and admire the beautiful women standing in front of me through anything other than the viewfinder of my camera. Sometimes I wish I could just sit back and watch the girls and not be worrying about whether the shot is in focus or the audio is being recorded!

Once we had wrapped this sequence, it was straight back up to the car so Tatjana could warm up before the next take. The passenger seat in my car has been host to many neoprene covered bottoms over the years!

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Behind the scenes Video Update

Smoothskin Wetsuit and Technisub Frogwoman

Smoothskin Wetsuit and Technisub Frogwoman. See the full length video: See the preview on YouTube:

Sam (short for Samantha), is one of those rare Frogwomen who had seen my work and contacted me directly. She really wanted to get wet with some of my many suits and masks. Sadly she lives quite a distance away so we were only able to organize a single shoot together. Her first gear choice was the combination of a smooth-skin one-piece wetsuit, together with matching hood and socks. With a Technisub full face mask attached to a Mistral dual-hose regulator strapped tightly to her face. She’d brought along her own rubber riding boots as the location we shoot at is muddy. For comfort (there are lots of sharps stones around the lake), she even wanted to wear them in the water!

I know purists will want to see Sam slide her feet into rubber fins, however the neoprene socks are expensive and get damaged easily by stones and rocks. This is why you’ll see the Frogwomen wearing welly boots most of the time at this location.

Smoothskin Wetsuit and Technisub Frogwoman
Smoothskin Wetsuit and Technisub Frogwoman Sam

Watching this rubbery Frogwoman as she waded, PVC riding boots and all into the water. The sound of her breathing compressed air through a vintage regulator. As the heat builds up from her breath, the mask begins to mist. Sam really loved the way she looked under all the wet rubber!

Behind the scenes

Some behind the scenes footage of Sam. The poor girl was freezing, but nevertheless, she went back and forth, in and out of the water without complaint. Smiling even though her rubber riding boots were full of cold water, lifting her legs individually to empty the boots. Immediately after which she jumped into the car to warm up before we started on the next scene.

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Behind the scenes Video Update

Frogwoman Anna – Old and New HD Video Update

Frogwoman Anna – Old and New HD Video Update. See the full length video

After squeezing herself into the tightest vintage sharkskin drysuit, Frogwoman Anna is all geared up in her authentic retro dive equipment. With a Fenzy BCD, sharkskin neoprene gloves and oval dive mask. However, not everything is as vintage as seen. The Mistral twin-hose regulator may look as if it came straight out of the 1960s, but it’s new and offers all of the reliability and safety expected from modern day diving equipment.

If you would like to own the rare ScubaPro drysuit worn by Anna, it’s available HERE.

Shooting Frogwoman Anna in the snow!

Frogwoman Anna poses for the camera during our video shoots together
Frogwoman Anna posing during our video shoot together.

We had no idea when we made our initial filming plan, that on the day of the shoot it was going to be so unbelievably cold! The night before, it started snowing and the mercury plummeted. It was still snowing when we arrived at the lake the following morning.

The first job is always the same, carry all of the heavy gear down to the lakeshore. Back breaking work, but on a morning like this it’s a great way to keep warm. Next, Anna needed to get into the suit. This is always a struggle when girls with long hair meet drysuits, but the vintage ScuabaPro suit is on another level of difficult!

Because it was so cold, she decided it would be best to try and suit-up in the car. After getting her feet into the booties, Anna pulled the suit up to her waist, first left arm in, followed quickly by the right. So far so good. Now she only needed to slide her head through a tight neck seal and into the attached hood before zipping the suit closed.

Manufactured from 8mm shark-skin neoprene, the suit doesn’t really stretch. Curvy Anna was definitely going to fill it very snugly, leaving absolutely no wiggle room. Try as she might, she just couldn’t get her head under the neck seal. Climbing out of the car, she tried again, hopping, pulling, stretching, yanking, grunting. With all of the straining she wasn’t feeling cold anymore! After what seemed like an eternity, there was a loud pop and a squeal of delight as her head finally slid into the hood and she could zip seal the suit tightly closed!

Temperature Control

Frogwoman Anna in her ScubaPro drysuit getting cold
“Come on! I’m getting cold while you fiddle with that camera!”

If there is one constant in my life, it’s that the girls are either unbelievably hot or incredibly cold when we’re shooting. I have lost count of the times I’ve had to stop filming so they can go and sit in my car with the heating or AC on full blast! However, today was clearly going to be full of hot-water bottles, blankets, quilted clothing and warm mugs of coffee… Not just for Anna, but for me too!

I hope you like reading about the fun we have behind the scenes. Please leave a comment if you’d like to see more posts of this style in the future.

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