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Introducing Frogwoman Kamile

Introducing Frogwoman Kamile

Introducing Frogwoman Kamile, a captivating and enchanting young woman who carries forward the legacy of a long line of stunning women. With grace and allure, Kamile dons the iconic and form-fitting neoprene rubber wetsuits that have become synonymous with my work. See more of her on the June SCUBA Fantasy update!

Standing a statuesque 172 cm tall and weighing a perfectly balanced 63 kg, with a shoe size of 39, she slips into each wetsuit in my well-stocked dive locker with an ease that is simply poetry in motion.

Keep your eyes peeled! An array of even more stunning Frogwomen are poised to make their debut this year. Stay tuned!


Maria Perschy in a rubber suit!

Maria Perschy poses for promotional pictures in the tightest of rubber suits!
Maria Perschy poses for promotional pictures in the tightest of rubber suits!

Browsing Ebay, I stumbled across a contact sheet of photos of an unknown woman in a black rubber suit. Upon closer inspection it became clear that this was the Austrian actress Maria Perschy. In the classic film “Man’s Favorite Sport” (1964) Maria Perschy stars together with Paula Prentis and Rock Hudson. The film finds the two ladies snorkelling together in the tightest of rubber suits!

Watching this pair of beautiful women awkwardly exit the lake in their flippers and swim caps. They stand and talk together, with rubber clad bodies still dripping wet, masks and snorkels perched on their rubber capped heads. A short sequence maybe, but one that has left an impression on me that survives until today.

Making it onto my list of top films, “Man’s Favorite Sport” still wields a considerable influence upon my creative output!

Maria Perschy poses for promotional pictures in the tightest of rubber suits!
I wanna be the guy in the bottom left photo!

Over the coming months I’ll be posting all of the pictures on my blog. Don’t forget to come back often to see more of Maria posing in her lovely rubber suit!

Man’s Favorite Sport Synopsis – Roger Willoughby is considered to be a leading expert on sports fishing. He’s written books on the subject and is loved by his customers in the sporting goods department at Abercrombie and Fitch, where he works. There’s only one problem however: he’s never been fishing in his life. When the store owner enters him in a fishing contest, mayhem ensues.

Paula Prentiss & Maria Peschy - Man's Favorite Sport - 1964
Paula Prentiss & Maria Peschy – Man’s Favorite Sport – 1964

Do you like swim caps? Read my about my love for vintage petal swim caps.

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