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Frogwoman Anne’s first shoot

Frogwoman Anne's first shoot
Frogwoman Anne’s first professional shoot
Frogwoman Anne's first shoot
My first (very blurry) photo of Anne and her first time wearing a beavertail wetsuit!

Frogwoman Anne’s very first shoot with me was way back in September 2011! I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed since then. Only 18 years old when she stood in front of my camera for the first time. Standing at 1.68 meters tall, all curves, with a natural radiant beauty and stunning blue eyes, Anne’s intelligence, easy attitude and ever ready smile make her an absolute pleasure to work with.

I am always surprised how patient the girls are during our shoots. Standing tall and posing in hot or cold conditions, either sweating profusely or freezing cold in their neoprene rubber suits. Weighed down with a hefty dive tank and heavy weights resting on their hips. Waiting patiently as I adjust the lights and reflectors, trying best to frame the stunning beauty standing before my camera lens.

See more photos of this lovely young German Frogwoman in the November 2021 SCUBA Reality update.

Chatty Frogwoman Suzi

I have been asked so many times for videos of my frogwomen talking whilst geared up. Most of the girls are quite shy and are not at all comfortable talking to the camera. For many of them English is not their first language. However, British Frogwoman Suzi is more than happy to chat about how she feels in all of the delightful rubbery gear she is wearing. With a microphone mounted in her Ocean Reef full face mask, you can hear every breath she takes as she talks about how she likes to be encased in tight shiny rubber.

Part 1 of a 3 part HD video is available in the November 2021 SCUBA Reality members area.

You can see more of sumptuous German Frogwoman Anne from our first video shoot together.

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