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Frogwoman Anne – The AGAnaut

Frogwoman Anne – The AGAnaut

Frogwoman Anne – The AGAnaut – Way back in 1963, the Swedish company AGA launched their first fog free full face dive mask, the AGA mask. Manufactured from natural rubber, dry air flushes the inside of the visor, keeping it fog free. The mask Frogwoman Anne has strapped to her pretty face was originally purchased in 1980. Smoothskin wetsuit, matching hood, rubber gloves, lead weights and a 7 litre dive tank complete her minimalist dive attire. Of the many full face masks I posses, the AGA mask is the one that I think frames Anne’s face the best, showing off her lovely blue eyes to perfection. Watch the full video HERE.

Behind the scenes – Frogwoman Anne – The AGAnaut

Frogwoman Anne - The AGAnaut
Frogwoman Anne - The AGAnaut
The AGA mask frames Anne’s face beautifully, really highlighting her lovely blue eyes.
Snuggled under an umbrella with Frogwoman Tatjana for an hour was a pleasure and very memorable, but we ultimately had to cancel the shoot.

Rain, rain, rain… And more rain! Obviously Anne was protected under her neoprene rubber skin, but the rain was finding its way between the suit and her naked flesh. She was unbelievably cold. With the wind blowing strongly, she stood her ground and kept performing for the camera.

Only once before had I tried to shoot in such horrible weather. On that occasion I spent the entire time huddled beside Tatjana under a small umbrella, chatting for a hour before calling it a day. This time there would be no cancellation, we were going to shoot whatever the weather! Bravely, Anne slid into her wetsuit, pulled on her neoprene hood and socks, zipper pulled up tight sealing her in. Slipping on her rubber boots and pulling on her rubber gloves, she was ready to shoot.

Masked strapped tightly to her face Anne finally waded into the water. I could see her body tense as the cold lake water leaked into her suit. Knowing she was cold I quickly filmed what we needed. She looked magnificent in the dripping wet neoprene. With her rubber boots still filled with water, Anne ran squelching to the car and jumped in. Turning the heating onto full, she sat shivering for 30 minutes slowly warming up! Then, without any complaint, walked back to the lake and was ready to shoot the next setup. What a pro!

Tell me how you would like to spend a wet afternoon and with which Frogwoman in the comments below.

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Wow! What a wonderful story Hap! I don’t know what I would do in the presence of such a stunning frogwoman in such amazing gear to be honest. I think I would just stand there gawping in stupefied fascination. I would definitely want to help her to empty the water out of her rubber boots! And if she’s having trouble warming up, I would definitely offer a cuddle! 😉

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