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Frogwoman Tatjana – Pro AM Drysuit, Interspiro Dive

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Frogwoman Tatjana – Pro AM Drysuit, Interspiro Dive – Completely protected from the outside world under a layer of heavy vulcanized rubber, neoprene and plastic. A positive pressure Interspiro Divator Mk.2 full face mask strapped on tightly to her rubber hooded head. Rubber gloves protect her hands. To make sure she can dive in even the most contaminated water, 3 finger mittens add an extra layer of protection. A stunningly beautiful and colourful hazmat diver!

WATCH the full length video.

Want to see how Russian beauty Frogwoman Tatjana looks when she’s not wearing her hazmat diving drysuit?

Frogwoman Tatjana - Pro AM Drysuit, Yellow Interspiro Dive

8 replies on “Frogwoman Tatjana – Pro AM Drysuit, Interspiro Dive”

I love how you can see her mouth under the mask. The 3 finger mittens are also so amazing. Almost like she is wearing some kind of rubber space suit. Do you plan to film anymore videos with this same suit arrangement in the future?

Hi Hap. Thank you for the reply. Yes. I’m aware of those videos. I meant do you plan on doing any new videos with this suit and mittens in the future?

Right. I remember reading that was an issue with some of your drysuits like the black gates one also. Well you and fetish eyes are the best that there are in the world. I have complete faith. Thank you for all of your work!

Yes. I remember reading a post you made awhile ago about the suit size being an issue. Also with the black gates drysuit. In any case I hope to see more new drysuit videos in the future. I enjoy these but most of them were filmed long ago if I’m correct?

Wish we could see more of the rubber mittens together with that lovely ice hood

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