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Gas Mask on the Rocks – HD Video

Gas Mask on the Rocks – HD Video featuring Russian Frogwoman Tatjana. Never one to miss out on trying something new, Tatjana straps on a yellow silicon modified gas mask with an awesome curved visor.

Perched on the rocks in her skin-tight neoprene rubber wetsuit, hood and gloves. Tatjana tries out a unique, one of a kind, modified for diving gas mask. What I particularly like about the mask is the curved visor. This is totally useless underwater as the curved plastic distorts what you’re seeing. But I love the way it shows the girls eyes and face much clearer than a normal dive mask.

I’ve shot with Tatjana many times and something I’ve noticed is that she seems to be really into the gear she’s wearing. I see her zone out, feeling the mask she’s wearing with her rubber gloved hands, or inspecting her long legs, checking how they look under a rubber skin. Suddenly there is a slight awkwardness as she realizes I’m still there shooting, her cheeks blush ever so slightly. I wonder what she’s been thinking about?

Gas Mask on the Rocks - HD Video
Gas Mask on the Rocks – HD Video

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