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Neoprene and Rubber at home?

Frogwoman Claudia spraying indoor plant whilst wearing a full neoprene wetsuit, rubber gloves and a gas mask
Frogwoman Claudia wears her neoprene and rubber gear at home too!

Neoprene and rubber clothing at home? Why the heck not? Frogwoman Claudia slips into a neoprene rubber suit and full face mask before performing her many chores. From cleaning the bathroom to some decoration touch-up, all of these tasks are performed far better under a protective layer of neoprene rubber and a safety gas mask.

The September 2021 update of SCUBA Fantasy finds Frogwoman Claudia at home, exactly as she loves to be dressed. Tight neoprene rubber wetsuit, rubber gloves and a full face mask strapped to her face. Who wouldn’t want to come home to this curvy blonde Frogwoman? Put up your feet as she makes a fuss of you! Leave me a comment below and tell me how you’d react to finding this lovely rubbery Frogwoman in your home?

Rubber Riding Boots and Smoothskin Wetsuits

Frogwomen Suzi and Simone like to match their skin-tight wetsuits together with smooth and shiny rubber riding boots. In the final episode of this four part video series, these girls are enjoying every moment of their time at the beach. You can now see the complete HD video series in the SCUBA Fantasy members area.

Back in October 2010, the day of the shoot was very memorable and incredible fun. I will be posting a full blog detailing what went on behind the scenes sometime soon. So please be sure to check back regularly for updates on this and many other interesting stories. To receive an email notification when I post new stories, scroll down to the bottom of this page and enter your email address and hit subscribe.

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