Rubber Riding Boots – Why do I love them?

Click HERE to watch Frogwoman Tatjana in her tight smoothskin wetsuit and rubber riding boots.
Rubber Riding Boots – Why do I love them? Essential wet weather footwear, or just for fun in the Bedroom?
Frogwoman Tatjana in her rubber riding boots

Rubber Riding Boots – Why do I love them? I remember being very interested in seeing the women at the horse stables in their riding boots and riding breeches. I particularly liked rubber riding boots, there was a lot of muck around, small slender feminine feet protected from all of the filth under a layer of cool impenetrable rubber. The boots clinging tightly to their calves, narrowing at the ankle with a low heel and smooth formed toe tip. Cut just below the knee at a slight angle, accentuating the shape of their long female legs, gorgeous!

Fast forward a few years. The idea of combining both rubber wetsuits and riding boots came about due to a need to prevent the girls hurting their feet on rocks and stones during shoots. The first time she pulled on a pair of Aigle rubber riding boots over her neoprene covered feet, I knew this was going to be something I would want to see again and again! I’ve used riding boots on many shoots, paired together with neoprene wetsuits, rubber catsuits and shiny gold lycra bodysuits. Amassing a varied collection of boots from Romika, Stylo, Aigle and others, my top choice is the Aigle Start boot. They’re super soft and flexible and the girls find them really comfortable.

Rubber Riding Boots – The one drawback

As I see it, there is only one drawback to using rubber riding boots on my shoots. Once the boots get damp inside (water ingress or sweaty feet) they are almost impossible to get off! So many times the girls have been lain flat on their backs as I pull with all my might on their slippery boots, trying to free their feet from a wet rubbery prison! If I am honest, this is often the best part of my day!

So in conclusion, the next time you catch a glimpse of one of my Frogwomen in her rubber riding boots, you’ll now know why.

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Wow, what an amazing combination, tight fitting wetsuit and gorgeous rubber boots. Your vids are amazing. Have you done any with your models wearing these outfits in deep squelchy mud? I’m sure that they would be well received!!!

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