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Frogwoman Kamile – Rubber over Rubber

Frogwoman Kamile – Rubber over Rubber. See the full length video: As the sun blazes overhead, its rays cascade down, casting a radiant glow and shimmering highlights off Frogwoman Kamile’s rubberized one-piece swimsuit. Every ripple on the water’s surface seems to beckon her, drawing her closer to the heart of the lake’s untamed beauty. Clutching her vintage 8mm cine camera, Kamile is more than just a spectator – she’s an artist, intent on capturing the lake’s ethereal spirit.

The lake itself seems to play with her, its shimmering reflection dancing in the lens of her camera, telling tales of its depths and the secrets it holds. Every shot she takes is a testament to the timelessness of nature and the fleeting moments of human interaction with it.

But nature is unpredictable. A sudden, brisk wind sweeps in, its force felt right to the marrow. The gust sends an electrifying chill racing down her spine, a stark contrast to the sun’s warm embrace. Recognizing nature’s cue, she gracefully transitions, pulling on a sleek, gleaming black neoprene beavertail wetsuit. The material clings to her, providing the insulation she needs against the lake’s cool touch.

Frogwoman Kamile - Rubber over Rubber. See the full length video:

Now, wrapped in this protective second skin, Kamile is unstoppable. She continues her cinematic exploration, wading deeper into the waters, capturing the interplay of light and shadow beneath the waves. Her journey is a symphony of nature and artistry, where every frame paints a story, and every moment becomes a breathtaking dance of nature and film.

Frogwoman Kamile – Rubber over Rubber. See the full length video in full 4K resolution!

Video Update

Vintage Fashion Photoshoot

Frogwoman Anne – Vintage Fashion Photoshoot – Have you ever wondered to yourself what it would be like to join me on one of my shoots? Join me as I shoot the girl next door, Frogwoman Anne. Posing for the camera in her vintage inspired Arena one-piece swimsuit. A retro Fashy petal bathing cap and full face snorkel mask straight out of the 1960s! Watch the full length video of this charming, beautiful and curvy woman in her vintage gear HERE.

Frogwoman Anne - Vintage Fashion Photoshoot

An Argument for Petal Swim Caps

Frogwoman Irina wears her vintage Petal Swim Cap
Russian Frogwoman Irina loves her vintage Petal Swim Cap.

An argument for petal swim caps – why I love them! It might not be obvious to some of you, but I really adore old-fashioned swim caps! Particularly the colorful flower petal variety! But why?

c’est chic, vintage rubber flower petal swim cap worn beautifully by Frogwoman Tatjana

Swim caps were made of rubberized fabric during the early 20th century. By the 1920s, they were made of latex. The earliest chin strap caps were known as “aviator’s style caps” as they resembled the strapped leather helmets of flyers of the day. During the 1940s, swim caps became scarce as rubber was needed for war materials. The ‘permanent wave’ hairstyle took time to obtain and was expensive, so many women wanted to protect their hair while swimming. The 1950s saw decorated caps come into vogue, and during the 1960s colorful flower petal swim caps became popular. Without swim cap requirements, wearing swim caps fell out of fashion during the 1970s. Swim caps are available in different styles, traditional chin strap type with inner sealing to keep out water and colourful floral styles reminiscent of the 1960s as well as other graphic prints. (source.

So apart from looking c’est chic, they do serve an actual purpose. Not only making sure hair stays dry(ish), but also in keeping a nice warm head! Women with long hair know how long it takes for wet hair to dry, so why not just pull on a fashionable petal swim cap and avoid all of that bother after a fun day at the beach or pool?

Vintage flower petal swim cap.
Touchy-feely rubber petals, anyone?

It’s all about feelings…

Whereas normal undecorated swim caps may look sleek and sporty, pretty flower petal caps are an absolute joy to touch and feel. The soft rubbery petals slip through the fingers with an addictive tickling sensation. The way the little rubber petals move in a light breeze, delightful. As she dives underwater the pressure pushes the cap tightly to her head. Finally reaching the surface and ripping off the glistening rubber cap to reveal her radiant hair. Glamorous, feminine and sexy.

Taking it up a level!

Full head and face petal swim cap, well that’s a world first!

So how about a full head and face petal swim cap? Obviously it’s in no way practical. Any girl wearing it would be unable to see or breathe (unless there is a little hole for her to suck in some air), but that could be fun!? So with this in mind, I commissioned a one of a kind petal swim cap in rose pink. OK, this might not be to everybody’s taste, but I found the results striking and alluring.

So how did the lucky lady in the smooth-skin wetsuit, rubber riding boots and, with her head fully enveloped in tight rubbery petals find the experience? Very HOT! She couldn’t see a thing, barely hear anything and as for breathing; short of breath would be an understatement. So as an experiment it was jolly good fun, but I am sadly not expecting to see this bizarre combination down at the beach or pool any day soon.

In conclusion

So there you have it, vintage rubber flower petal swim caps. I can’t get enough of them and now you know why! I would love to hear your thoughts on swim caps, are you for or against? Please leave me a comment below.

Woman wears a colorful petal swim cap underwater

Man’s Favorite Sport features a couple of swim cap wearing Frogwomen.

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