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59.95 Euros
including Shipping

Heavy SCUBA Gear Vol.6 DVD - 59.95 Euros including Shipping

Over 53 minutes of heavy SCUBA gear. Featuring Frogwomen Anne and Sam having lots of fun in their drysuits and full face masks. With lots of rubbery girl action, heavy diving gear has never been so sexy. 


Ocean Reef Space and Helmet Combo
GNT Drysuit Dressing
Poseidon Atmosphere FFM and GNT drysuit
Interspiro Divator Dive
Viking rubber drysuit dressing 
Pink & Blue Viking and Draeger Dive
Ocean Reef GoPro Dive
GNT suit inflation

NTSC format DVD (playable on PAL DVD players), DVD-R. Running time approx. 53 mins. 

Actual DVD screen-captures (These screen-captures have been scaled down from their original capture resolution):