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Frogwoman Émilie - Technisub at the Beach - HD - 11'25 (1.35 GB)

Frogwoman Émilie is about to embark on a thrilling journey as she delves into the depths of the ocean, fully outfitted in her sleek and shiny neoprene rubber wetsuit. Her trusty Technisub full face dive mask is securely fastened to her face, connected by rubber hoses to a vintage Mistral regulator that supplies her with air and releases her exhaled breath. She completes her ensemble with a pair of powerful Balco fins, ready to propel her through the water with ease. With every inch of her body covered in the protective barrier of black rubber, she stands tall, ready to take on the challenges of the deep. The cool, inviting waters beckon her, and she eagerly dives in, ready for an adventure.

Added: 21st of November 2021

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