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Frogwoman Sam - Yellow Interspiro GNT Dive - HD - 5'31 (621Mb)

Frogwoman Sam is gearing up for an exciting dive, and she starts by meticulously checking her GNT drysuit valves and air feed. She wants to ensure that everything is in perfect working order before she submerges herself in the water. Her equipment is her lifeline, and she takes great care to make sure that everything is functioning properly. Once she's satisfied that everything is in order, she pulls on her yellow Interspiro Divator full face mask. The bright color of the mask makes it easy for her diving partner to spot her in the water, and the full face design provides her with a comfortable and secure fit. She takes a deep breath and pulls the straps tight, making sure that the mask is sealed against her face. With one final check of her equipment, Sam is ready to get wet and explore the depths of the ocean.

Added: 7th of May 2022

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