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Frogwoman Anne - Draeger Secora Photoshoot - 4K - 4'47 (1Gb)

Beautiful curvy frogwoman Anne strikes poses for the camera during one of our shoots together. Zipped up in her shiny, skin-tight, smooth-skin wetsuit with a Draeger Secora full face mask strapped on tightly to her hooded head, she is the epitome of grace and beauty. The shiny neoprene material accentuates her curves, making her look like a mermaid in a modern world. Listen as she breathes through her mask, the sound of her steady breath adding to the ambiance of the shoot. As she gracefully strikes different poses, the sunlight dances off her wetsuit and the full face mask, creating a stunning visual. Join us as we capture the beauty of this fearless and skilled diver.

Added: 22nd of May 2022

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