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Frogwoman Irina - Grey Interspiro Viking Dive - HD - 11'27 (1.35Gb)

Intrepid Frogwoman Irina, suited up in her impenetrable, thick rubber Viking drysuit, prepares to tackle the harshest underwater conditions. As Irina readies herself for a thrilling adventure, she wrestles with her Divator Mk.2 full-face diving mask. Her rubber gloves make fastening the dive mask to her hooded head challenging, but she carefully ensures a watertight seal. Her heart races with excitement, knowing this dive pushes her and her gear to the limits. Taking a deep breath, she fearlessly plunges into the icy abyss, every sense tingling with anticipation. The chilling water swirls around her, enveloping her in a dark embrace as she boldly subjects her rubbery diving gear to the ultimate test of endurance and performance.

Added: 26th of March 2023

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