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Frogwoman Tatjana - Poseidon Atmosphere FFM - HD - 8'43 (1Gb) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Frogwoman Tatjana likes nothing more than strapping on a rubbery full face diving mask tightly to her pretty face. Suited up from head to toe under a skin-tight layer of smooth and shiny 3mm neoprene rubber, Tatjana checks out a Poseidon Atmosphere full face mask.

Added: 17th of December 2022

Frogwoman Sam - Ocean Reef Drysuit Dive - HD - 9'58 (358Mb) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Join Frogwoman Sam in and under the water as she tries out her brand new helmet mounted GoPro video camera. Zipped up snug and tight in her smooth-skin neoprene rubber GNT drysuit, she pulls on her dive helmet and straps her Ocean Reef FFM tightly over her pretty face. Splashing around she tests the abilities of her new camera before she dares venture into deeper water.

Added: 23rd of October 2022

GNT Drysuit - Suiting Up - HD - 5'09 (556Mb) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Frogwoman Sam struggles into her GNT drysuit. Already suited up in a smooth-skin rubber wetsuit, gloves and socks, she pulls the tight GNT neoprene rubber drysuit over her smooth, shiny curves. Attaching drysuit gloves and pulling on a tight hood she's all ready for the deep.

Added: 11th of September 2022

Frogwoman Tatjana - Draeger R60 - HD - 7'05 (819Mb) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Intrepid Frogwoman Tatjana tries on a vintage Draeger R60 dive mask. Sitting on the rocks at the edge of the lake, zipped up from head to toe in smooth-skin rubbery neoprene, she straps on the vintage full face mask, pulling the straps for a tight seal to her face. Her heavy breathing, it's not long until the mask is completely fogged up.

Added: 8th of August 2022

Frogwoman Anne - Draeger Secora Photoshoot - 4K - 4'47 (1Gb) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Beautiful curvy frogwoman Anne strikes poses for the camera during one of our shoots together. Zipped up in her shiny, skin-tight, smooth-skin wetsuit with a Draeger Secora full face mask strapped on tightly to her hooded head, listen as she breathes through her mask whilst posing for my camera.

Added: 22nd of May 2022

Frogwoman Sam - Yellow Interspiro GNT Dive - HD - 5'31 (621Mb) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Frogwoman Sam checks her GNT drysuit valves and air feed before strapping on her yellow Interspiro Divator full face mask and getting wet in the water.

Added: 7th of May 2022

Frogwoman Tatjana - Very WET Wetsuit - HD - 10'37 (970Mb) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Who needs a sauna when you have a rubber wetsuit? Frogwoman Tatjana basks under the hot summer sun, totally sealed under a 3mm layer of black neoprene rubber, rubber gloves, socks and flippers. A full face dive mask strapped tightly to her pretty face. The temperature rises as she starts to sweat, soaking wet inside her tight wetsuit.

Added: 17th of April 2022

GNT Inflate - HD - 9'31 (368Mb) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

After diving with her Poseidon Atmosphere full face diving mask in the water, Frogwoman Sam uses the remaining air in her SCUBA tank to inflate her smooth-skin GNT neoprene rubber drysuit!

Added: 10th of April 2022

Frogwoman Anne - Vintage Fashion Shoot - HD - 8'44 (1,03GB) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Have you ever wondered to yourself what it would be like to join me on one of my shoots? Join me as I shoot the girl next door, Frogwoman Anne. Posing for the camera in her vintage inspired Arena one-piece swimsuit. A retro Fashy petal bathing cap and full face snorkel mask straight out of the 1960s! Watch from the sidelines this charming, beautiful and curvy woman in her vintage gear.

Added: 7th of March 2022

Frogwoman Sam - Viking Drysuit Dressing - HD - 5'53 (460Mb) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Frogwoman Sam is already zipped up from head to toe in her skintight smooth-skin neoprene rubber wetsuit, but that isn't going to stop her from stepping into and zipping herself up under another rubber layer, a shiny bright green and blue vulcanised rubber Viking drysuit!

Added: 23rd of February 2022

Frogwoman Tatjana - ProAM Yellow Interspiro - HD - 9'25 (980MB) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Completely protected from the outside world under a layer of heavy vulcanized rubber, neoprene and plastic. A positive pressure Interspiro Divator Mk.2 full face mask strapped on tightly to her rubber hooded head. Rubber gloves protect her hands. To make sure she can dive in even the most contaminated water, 3 finger mittens add an extra layer of protection. A stunningly beautiful and colourful hazmat diver!

Added: 7th of February 2022

Frogwoman Sam - Wetsuit Dressing - HD - 10'50 (1.18GB) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

I'm always being asked to film the girls getting into their wetsuits, so finally I got around to asking Frogwoman Sam to show us how she slips into her skin-tight neoprene rubber wetsuit, pulls on her neoprene socks and hood, wriggles her fingers into her tight rubber gloves, straps on her diving knife, compass and depth meter, pulls on her tank and finally her weight belt. Over 10 minutes from start to end!

Added: 22nd of January 2022

Frogwoman Tatjana - Rubber Interspiro Wetsuit Dive - HD - 11'14 (1.33 GB) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Rubber Interspiro Wetsuit Dive - Frogwoman Tatjana goes for a dive, testing out a rubber Interspiro Divator Mk.2 full face mask. Suited up in her skin-tight smoothskin wetsuit. She straps the mask securely to her face before entering the water to see how she likes the mask.

Added: 5th of January 2022

Frogwoman Anne - Poseidon Viking Dive - HD - 13'11 (1.12 GB) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Protected under two rubbery layers, smoothskin neoprene rubber wetsuit and a thick vulcanized rubber Viking drysuit. Pretty German Frogwoman Anne gears up and dives in a Poseidon Atmosphere full face mask. Adverse weather conditions means she's just as wet out of the water as she is under the water!

Added: 21st of December 2021

Frogwoman Tatjana - Poseidon Heavy Gear Dive - HD - 14'57 (1.77 GB) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Russian Frogwoman Tatjana struggles to get herself into an extremely heavy Gates AM Pro rubber drysuit. Already zipped up snug and warm, she's covered from head to toe in shiny, smooth-skin neoprene rubber. Now she needs to make sure that nothing will penetrate down to her skin, so she seals herself under another layer of thick, heavy rubber. Strapping on a Poseidon full face diving mask and affixing heavy rubber mittens to the suit, she backs into the water for a nice refreshing dive.

Added: 5th of December 2021

Frogwoman Émilie - Technisub at the Beach - HD - 11'25 (1.35 GB) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Frogwoman Émilie - Technisub at the Beach. Young French Frogwoman Émilie has her very first experience with the classic Technisub full face dive mask. Rubber hoses connect the mask to a vintage Mistral regulator, one hose to supply air, the other for her exhaled breath. Sealed tightly under a waterproof skin of smooth and shiny neoprene rubber, she pulls on a pair of Balco fins before finally affixing the ffm to her face. With every inch of her body covered in black rubber, she needs to cool off, the water looks very inviting!

Added: 21st of November 2021

Frogwoman Tatjana - GM on the Rocks - HD - 11'52 (1.01 GB) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Perched on the rocks in her skin-tight neoprene rubber wetsuit, hood and gloves. Tatjana tries out a unique, one of a kind, modified for diving gas mask. What I particularly like about this mask is the curved visor. I love the way it shows the girls eyes and face much clearer than a normal dive mask. I've shot with Tatjana many times and something I've noticed is that she seems to be really into the gear she's wearing. I see her zone out, feeling the mask she's wearing with her rubber gloved hands, or inspecting her long legs, seeing how they look under a neoprene skin. Suddenly there is a slight awkwardness as she realizes I'm still there shooting, her cheeks blush ever so slightly. I wonder what she's been thinking about?

Added: 5th of November 2021

Frogwoman Anne - The AGAnaut - HD - 11'57 (1.01 GB) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Way back in 1963, the Swedish company AGA launched their first fog free full face dive mask, the AGA mask. Manufactured from natural rubber, dry air flushes the inside of the visor, keeping it fog free. The mask Frogwoman Anne has strapped to her pretty face was originally purchased in 1980. Smoothskin wetsuit, matching hood, rubber gloves, lead weights and a 7 litre dive tank complete her minimalist dive attire. Of the many full face masks I posses, the AGA mask is the one that I think frames Anne's face the best, showing off her lovely eyes to perfection. Read about what went on behind the scenes.

Added: 20th of October 2021

Frogwoman Tatjana - The Frogwoman - HD - 10'24 (906 MB) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

What image comes to mind when you think of a Frogwoman? Everyone will have their own idea, but for me 'The Frogwoman' can only be Russian beauty Tatjana. Standing at a statuesque 1.82 meters, with her vibrant red hair, she stuns all who meet her dressed in her classic Frogwoman attire! Skin tight rubber wetsuit, dive-knife strapped to her calf. Rubber fins on her feet, weight belt with contrasting yellow weights resting on her hips. Matching yellow and black rubber dive mask and snorkel complete the costume. She knows she looks like a dive goddess and she likes it!

Added: 5th of October 2021

Frogwoman Sam - Smoothskin Technisub - HD - 5'42 (584 MB) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Sam (short for Samantha), is one of those rare Frogwomen who had seen my work and contacted me directly. She really wanted to get wet with some of my many suits and masks. Sadly she lives quite a distance away so we were only able to organize a single shoot together. Her first gear choice was the combination of a smooth-skin one-piece wetsuit, together with matching hood and socks. With a Technisub full face mask attached to a Mistral dual-hose regulator strapped tightly to her face. She'd brought along her own rubber riding boots as the location we shoot at is muddy. For comfort (there are lots of sharps stones around the lake), she even wanted to wear them in the water!

Added: 20th of September 2021

Frogwoman Anna - Old and New - HD - 12'24 (1.10 GB) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

After squeezing herself into the tightest vintage sharkskin drysuit, Frogwoman Anna is all geared up in her authentic retro dive equipment. With a Fenzy BCD, sharkskin neoprene gloves and oval dive mask. However, not everything is as vintage as seen. The Mistral twin-hose regulator may look as if it came straight out of the 1960s, but it's new and offers all of the reliability and safety expected from modern day diving equipment. See what went on behind the scenes.

Added: 5th of September 2021

Rubbery French Frogwoman Lisa - HD - 20'28 (1.83GB) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Petite French Frogwoman Lisa simply loves to be covered from head to toe in her rubbery neoprene wetsuit, hood, socks and long gloves. With an awesome blue silicon gas mask strapped to her face, she sits under the hot South of France sun, splashing the water with her rubber Balco flippers as we admire the glistening water running down her suit.

Added: 20th of August 2021

Frogwoman Anne - Draeger FFM Wetsuit Dive - HD - 9'02 (1.02GB) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Frogwoman Anne is all geared up and ready to leave on her secret mission into enemy territory. It will be dangerous on this operation so she's armed herself with some serious shooting hardware, to make sure she is invisible under the water she's wearing skin tight smooth black neoprene rubber from head to toe. This young lady is most definitely not to be messed with!

Added: 5th of August 2021

Frogwoman Anna - Cressi FFM Drysuit Dive - HD - 7'59 (696MB) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Enjoy watching petite blonde Frogwoman Anna struggling under some very heavy rubber. Zipped up tightly in her pink and blue Viking Drysuit, she pulls on a Cressi full face mask which is attached to a modern Mistral twin-hose regulator. Under all the weight of the suit and tank she is breathing heavily. Finally when she gets into the water she gets stuck on her back, the heavy dive tank pulling her down as she struggles to get upright! However you can't keep a good girl down and she found the whole situation very funny and enjoyed her heavy rubber dive.

Added: 20th of July 2021

Frogwoman Tatjana - SCUBAPro FFM - HD - 16'38 (1.41Gb) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

In my opinion, there's nobody better to show of this rarely seen full face dive mask than Russian beauty Frogwoman Tatjana. The SCUBAPro FFM is of silicon construction and can accommodate various 2nd stages of your own choosing. With it's oversized tempered glass visor it's easy for us to see Tatjana's beautiful eyes and the mask fits easily and tightly to her face, creating a good stable seal. Tatjana enjoyed wearing the mask and it's one of my many masks that I need to resurrect for use in some future shoots with new Frogwomen.

Added: 5th of July 2021

Frogwoman Emilie - Beavertail Babe - HD - 6'26 (745Mb) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

A stunning French woman wearing a vintage style beavertail wetsuit at the beach is for me one of the most beautiful things to see, particularly when she is posing playfully for you. Frogwoman Emilie has squeezed herself into a smoothskin rubber wetsuit, with her dive mask perched precariously on her head, speargun in hand, she plays in the Mediterranean surf, all eyes are on her and she knows it!

Added: 20th of June 2021

Frogwoman Tatjana - Cressi FFM Mistral - HD - 8'36 (751Mb) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Frogwoman Tatjana straps on a Cressi rubber full face mask which is connected to a modern version of the classic Mistral twin-hose regulator, the original of which dates back to the very early days of SCUBA diving. Covered from head to toe in smooth skin rubber neoprene, her rubbery form glistens and glints in the sun as she frolics in the water. As a bonus, she even wears her rubber riding boots in the water as she completely forgot to take them off!

Added: 5th of June 2021

Frogwoman Anna - Yellow Interspiro Viking - HD - 11'31 (1.4Gb) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Pretty blonde Frogwoman Anna is buried beneath layers of heavy thick vulcanized rubber in her pink and blue Viking drysuit. With a bright yellow silicon full face dive mask strapped on she certainly is a vivid beacon of color on an otherwise dull day at the lake. Sealed completely in her watertight suit it's not too long before she starts to get warm and toasty under the weight of all of her gear, it's a blissful relief when she finally enters the frigid lake water to enjoy her dive.

Added: 20th of May 2021

Frogwoman Electra - Drysuit Interspiro Dive - HD - 12'13 (1.5Gb) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Frogwoman Electra stands 1.77 meters tall, her soft, smooth skinned slender body is encased in heavy vulcanized rubber, her hands covered in black rubber gloves, struggling to strap on a grey Interspiro Divator II full face dive mask under the weight of her heavy gear. Breathing greedily through the regulator as she sweats in her fully waterproof Gates AMPro drysuit.

Added: 5th of May 2021

Frogwoman Tatjana - Poseidon Wetsuit Dive - HD - 8'43 (1Gb) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Beautiful Russian Frogwoman Tatjana models the perfect rubbery frogwoman attire as she goes diving in her skin-tight rubber wetsuit with matching hood, rubber dry gloves and a black silicon Poseidon full face mask strapped on tightly to her face. The minimalist diving attire shows of her perfect curves, as her smooth black suit glistens in the sunlight!

Added: 24th of April 2021

Frogwoman Anne - Wetsuit Draeger Secora Dive - HD - 10'08 (1Gb) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

Beautiful girl from next door, Frogwoman Anne goes diving in a awesome German full face diving mask, the Draeger Secora, with it's wide visor giving Anne great views underwater. Zipped up in her skintight neoprene rubber wetsuit, hood and gloves, even though the weather was absolutely terrible with heavy rain and wind she's lovely snug and warm. Rubber boots keep her sensitive feet safe from the sharp rocks at the edge of the lake and ensure that every inch of her gorgeous curvy body is covered in shiny rubbery goodness.

Added: 6th of April 2021

Frogwoman Tatjana - Wetsuit Neptune II Dive - HD - 10'35 (1.19Gb) | FREE VIDEO PREVIEW

There is one full face diving mask that really looks great when being worn by Frogwoman Tatajana, the original Ocean Reef Neptune II mask with a Nira regulator, it's something about the way it frames her eyes. Not only that, but the sound of her breathing is amplified through the regulator, her curvy body hugged by a skin-tight neoprene rubber wetsuit, hood, gloves and rubber flippers complete her attire. Simply gorgeous!

Added: 20th of March 2021