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Frogwomen Drysuit Playtime - HD Video - 15'36 (918Mb) | PREVIEW

After satisfying themselves that their suits are totally waterproof, these two rubber drysuited women each strap on identical vintage twin-hose technisub full face masks. Once the masks are tightly sealed to their pretty faces, they venture back into the water together for some more fun, splashing each other with water just to see if any fluid will penetrate their heavy rubber covered bodies.

Added: 22nd of July 2019

Frogwomen Drysuit Dressing - HD Video - 12'25 (728Mb) | PREVIEW

Two smoothskin wetsuited Frogwomen find some rubbery drysuits just lying on the beach. After checking no one is about, they help each other into the colourful Viking drysuits. Pulling on some heavy rubber gloves they then decide to see if the suits are totally waterproof.

Added: 19th of June 2019

Frogwoman Eve Yellow Snorkel Mask - 4K Video - 6'53 (996Mb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Eve pulls on her yellow and white, full face snorkel mask and tries to see something under the dark water of the lake. Dressed from head to toe in smooth, shiny neoprene rubber, with rubber gloves protecting her hands and rubber flippers to propel her slippery body through the water.

Added: 20th of May 2019

Frogwoman Suzi Ocean Reef Talk - HD Video - 10'17 (600Mb) | PREVIEW

Gorgeous British Frogwoman Suzi talks us through how she feels trying out an Ocean Reef Space full face mask. Snug and warm in her skin-tight, smooth-skin neoprene rubber wetsuit, hood and socks, her hands protected by rubber gloves. Pulling on her rubber fins, protective helmet and finally her dive mask, she talks through the entire process. A microphone in her mask to make sure we can hear every breath she takes.

Added: 13th of April 2019

Frogwoman Irina Helly Hansen - 4K Video - 8'29 (1.22Gb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Irina is a very careful girl, she likes to make sure she's going to be warm and safe when she plays in the water. That's why she wearing her skin-tight, smoothskin neoprene wetsuit, together with a pair of blue rubber drysuit gloves and red rubber boots. Just to be completely sure, she's also pulled on her Helly Hansen lifejacket, just in-case of...!

Added: 2nd of April 2019

Frogwoman Eve Wetsuit Dressing - 4K Video - 8'43 (1.53Gb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Eve slips into her tight, shiny neoprene rubber wetsuit. Pulling the rubbery suit over her nylon dive skin, she then adds a matching neoprene hood, rubber gloves and flippers whilst sitting at the lake shore.

Added: 6th of March 2019

Frogwoman Suzi AGA Talk - HD Video - 12'15 (1.39Gb) | PREVIEW

A cute video of Frogwoman Suzi as she talks us through her thoughts and feeling trying on a Interspiro AGA mask for the first time. Zipped up snug and warm in her skintight neoprene rubber wetsuit, with matching hood and booties, warming herself in the sun at the beach, she straps on her full face diving mask, talking us through every moment.

Added: 13th of February 2019

Yellow Musto Frogwoman - 4K Video - 10'28 (1.47Gb) | PREVIEW

Already zipped up in her yellow Musto sailing drysuit with matching yellow rubber boots, Frogwoman Anne firstly pulls on a neoprene winter diving hood and rubber gloves before strapping on a yellow and white full face snorkel mask. After posing for a few photos, she starts to slowly extract herself from all of the gear, not before first posing for photos half out of her drysuit. Finally struggling out of the suit and boots, she reveals that she's been wearing a shiny rubber wetsuit under the drysuit all along!

Added: 3rd of February 2019

Riding Boots - Wetsuits - HD Video - 17'32 (1Gb) | PREVIEW

Over 17 minutes of slow motion video, two girls frolic together at the beach, zipped up in skin-tight neoprene rubber wetsuits, with rubber riding boots hopefully keeping their feet dry. It doesn't take long before their boots are full of water and their suits are wet and shiny. Running and playing together in the water, the girls help each other to empty the water out of their boots.

Added: 15th of January 2019

Viking on and off - 4K Video - 6'58 (980Mb) | PREVIEW

Already suited up in a smoothskin rubber wetsuit, Frogwoman Eve struggles into her Viking rubber drysuit. Once she finally manages to get herself squeezed into the suit and zipped up she is ready to dive. We catch up with her after her dive, she needs to get herself out of the drysuit, easier said than done as she really struggles to get the suit off!

Added: 2nd of January 2019

Old to New - 4K Video - 8'33 (1.2Gb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Anne was wondering what the differences between the vintage AGA full face mask and the modern version of it, the Interspiro Divator Mk.2 FFM were. What better way to find out than by strapping on the old mask first, then immediately after, strapping on the new mask. Strangely, Anne actually prefers the old mask and finds it's much nicer to breathe with it on and finds it more comfortable than the newer version.

Added: 5th of December 2018

Siebe Gorman Snorkel Mask - 4K Video - 5'47 (839Mb) | PREVIEW

Russian beauty Irina tries to snorkel in a modified Siebe Gorman gas mask, these masks were used in the 1970s by the British Fire Service. In her skin tight rubber wetsuit, hood and socks. Rubber gloved hands and the mask strapped tightly to her face, she gets all steamed up in the cold water.

Added: 2nd of November 2018

Little Red Rubber Boots - 4K Video - 9'57 (1.13Gb) | PREVIEW

Petite Frogwoman Irina kicks back and chills out at the lake. Admiring the views in her smoothskin rubber wetsuit and bright red vintage rubber boots from the 1980s, Irina with her matching red hair and red boots creates a striking image for anybody that happens to pass by.

Added: 5th of October 2018

Frogwoman Anne GNT Drysuit Undress - 4K Video - 5'43 (829Mb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Anne struggles out of her smooth-skin neoprene rubber GNT drysuit. First off is the tank, followed by her weight belt, then the rubber dry-gloves and hood. Then the final struggle to get herself out of the tight drysuit until she is finally free.

Added: 2nd of September 2018

Frogwoman Anne Vintage Snorkel Mask - HD Video - 6'42 (392Mb) | PREVIEW

Delightful Frogwoman Anne tries out a lovely old full face snorkel mask during a studio shoot. Long before the modern Easybreath mask hit the market, full face snorkel masks were available to purchase, but all were prone to fogging. Anne demonstrates the visibility problems with the mask.

Added: 26th of July 2018

Frogwoman Anne Wetsuit Technisub Shoot - 4K Video - 10'31 (1.48Gb) | PREVIEW

Intrepid diver, Frogwoman Anne pulls on her very favorite vintage Technisub FFM, attached to a twin-hose mistral regulator and sucks air as she gets busy posing for my camera. It's hard to hear what she's saying as the mask muffles her voice, but I know she enjoys this dive gear combination.

Added: 25th of June 2018

Frogwoman Anne Wetsuit Off - Drysuit On - HD Video - 9'04 (794Mb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Anne pulls off her skin tight rubber smooth-skin wetsuit to replace it with a GNT smooth-skin rubber neoprene drysuit, finally after struggling to get herself into the suit, she pulls on a neoprene hood and affixes rubber gloves to complete her transformation.

Added: 2nd of June 2018

Frogwoman Irina Cressi Dive - HD Video - 3'43 (163Mb) | PREVIEW

Russian beauty, Frogwoman Irina dives in her smooth-skin wetsuit, with a Cressi Sub rubber full face mask strapped to her face, breathing through a modern day Mistral, dual hose regulator.

Added: 1st of May 2018

Frogwoman Anne Diveskin - HD Video - 8'42 (382Mb) | PREVIEW

Beautiful Frogwoman Anne poses for the camera zipped up in her warm water Pink and Black Lycra Diveskin. Pulling on her rubber Balco fins and black silicon full face snorkel mask, her curvy body fills the Diveskin perfectly and I think she looks absolutely gorgeous.

Added: 1st of April 2018

Frogwoman Eve Heavy Gear Dive - 4K Video - 7'36 (994Mb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Eve tries out diving in some heavy dive gear. Snug and warm in her Rubber Viking drysuit with a heavy Kirby Morgan band mask strapped tightly on to her head and face, she tests out this commercial divers gear combination in the water. With a microphone placed into the regulator to record her sucking air as she enjoys the sensation of total heavy gear enclosure.

Added: 14th of March 2018

Frogwoman Irina Modern Snorkel FFM - 4K Video - 5'31 (970Mb) | PREVIEW

Gorgeous Frogwoman Irina is zipped up in her tight neoprene rubber smooth-skin wetsuit, with matching hood and socks. Rubber gloves keep her hands warm and protected. To complete her total enclosure snorkel experience she straps a modern full face snorkel mask to her pretty face and gets herself all steamed up.

Added: 22nd of February 2018

Frogwoman Anne Gearing Up Photoshoot - HD Video - 9'34 (555Mb) | PREVIEW

Join Frogwoman Anne as she slides into her smoothskin rubber wetsuit, straps on her dive knife, pulls on her matching smoothskin socks, flippers and mask. She poses for the camera showing her beautiful curves as her wetsuit shines in the light.

Added: 9th of February 2018

Frogwoman Eve Yellow Interspiro Drysuit Dive - 4K Video - 6'41 (776Mb) | PREVIEW

Join Frogwoman Eve as she dives with her Yellow Interspiro Divator full face mask and rubber viking drysuit. With a microphone placed into her mask, you can hear every breath she takes as she plays in the water. Available in both 4K and HD versions.

Added: 28th of January 2018

Frogwoman Anne Rescue Diver - HD Video - 12'20 (717Mb) | PREVIEW

Already zipped up in her skin-tight smoothskin wetsuit, Frogwoman Anne struggles into her yellow Musto drysuit, yellow rubber boots, blue dry gloves, orange Helly Hansen buoyancy aid and yellow Gant helmet. now suitably attired for cold water action she's ready to rescue anyone who needs help!

Added: 26th of December 2017