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Frogwoman Anna - Pink Boots and Cressi Diveskin - UHD - 10'11 (3GB) | PREVIEW

The late afternoon sun glints off the calm surface of the lake, casting dancing shadows on the shore. Frogwoman Anna stands at the water's edge, her pink rubber boots sinking into the soft mud and gravel. She kicks and stamps her feet, sending ripples spreading out across the water. Her skin-tight Cressi diveskin glistens like a freshly caught fish, and her pink dive mask, belt, and boots match perfectly. Anna's beauty is unmatched, even against the backdrop of the stunning natural scenery.

Added: 13th of September 2023

Frogwoman Kamile - Rubber Over Rubber - UHD - 15'54 (4.6GB) | PREVIEW

As the sun glints off her rubberized one-piece swimsuit, Frogwoman Kamile captures the serene beauty of the lake and its surroundings with her vintage 8mm cine camera. The cool breeze off the lake sends a shiver down her spine, prompting her to don a sleek, shiny black neoprene beavertail wetsuit. Suitably insulated, she continues her cinematic journey.

Added: 14th of August 2023

Frogwoman Kamile - Silver Beavertail Wetsuit - UHD - 10'46 (1.89GB) | PREVIEW

Immerse yourself in the captivating journey of the enchanting Frogwoman Kamile. Marvel at her ethereal beauty as she walks towards our shooting location, her naked body encased beneath the shimmering, skin-tight embrace of a dark silver, neoprene rubber beavertail wetsuit. Adorned with a vintage pink petal bathing cap and brandishing a speargun, she's a mesmerizing sight that provokes double-takes from unsuspecting drivers and cyclists alike. Kamile's radiant allure is undeniable, capturing the gaze of every passerby.

Added: 18th of June 2023

Frogwoman Anna Draeger Panorama Nova Winter Dive - UHD - 19'30 (5.75GB) | PREVIEW

With anticipation coursing through her veins, Frogwoman Anna is sealed beneath her thick rubber Viking drysuit, ensuring she's well-protected against the biting cold. As she secures the high-tech Draeger Panorama Nova full-face diving mask to her lovely face, she feels the thrill of adventure. Braving the icy grip of the frigid lake water, she gracefully descends into the mysterious depths for an exhilarating winter's day dive. Over 19 minutes of rubbery frogwoman action, presented for the first time in remastered 4K resolution!

Added: 7th of May 2023

Frogwoman Irina - Grey Interspiro Viking Dive - HD - 11'27 (1.35Gb) | PREVIEW

Intrepid Frogwoman Irina, suited up in her impenetrable, thick rubber Viking drysuit, prepares to tackle the harshest underwater conditions. As Irina readies herself for a thrilling adventure, she wrestles with her Divator Mk.2 full-face diving mask. Her rubber gloves make fastening the dive mask to her hooded head challenging, but she carefully ensures a watertight seal. Her heart races with excitement, knowing this dive pushes her and her gear to the limits. Taking a deep breath, she fearlessly plunges into the icy abyss, every sense tingling with anticipation. The chilling water swirls around her, enveloping her in a dark embrace as she boldly subjects her rubbery diving gear to the ultimate test of endurance and performance.

Added: 26th of March 2023

Frogwoman Tatjana - First Time Technisub - HD - 11'10 (973Mb) | PREVIEW

On a wet and windy day in 2008, Frogwoman Tatjana embarked on a new adventure, trying out a classic Technisub full-face diving mask for the first time. She was encased in a sleek suit of gleaming neoprene rubber, which offered total protection from the pouring rain. As she inhaled through her Mistral regulator, the mask's visor was dotted with sparkling rain droplets, while the glass slowly fogged with the intense heat generated by her body inside the tight rubber suit.

Added: 30th of January 2023

Frogwoman Tatjana - Poseidon Atmosphere FFM - HD - 8'43 (1Gb) | PREVIEW

Thrill-seeker Tatjana revels in the rush of suiting up in a sleek, shiny suit of 3mm neoprene rubber and tightly fastening her rubbery full-face diving mask to her striking visage. With her Poseidon Atmosphere full-face mask securely in place, she's ready to dive headfirst into the unknown depths of the ocean.

Added: 17th of December 2022

Frogwoman Sam - Ocean Reef Drysuit Dive - HD - 9'58 (358Mb) | PREVIEW

Come join the alluring Frogwoman Sam as she explores the depths of the ocean with her brand new helmet-mounted GoPro video camera. Wrapped in a smooth and snug smooth-skin neoprene rubber GNT drysuit, she pulls on her dive helmet and fastens her Ocean Reef FFM tightly over her captivating face. As she playfully tests the abilities of her new camera by splashing around, you can't help but be entranced by her grace and beauty. Dare to join her as she ventures into deeper waters and discover the mesmerizing underwater world.

Added: 23rd of October 2022

GNT Drysuit - Suiting Up - HD - 5'09 (556Mb) | PREVIEW

Watch as the fearless Frogwoman Sam gears up for her next diving adventure. Dressed in her sleek, smooth-skin rubber wetsuit, gloves, and socks, she expertly struggles into her GNT drysuit, a tight-fitting neoprene rubber suit designed for the depths of the ocean. As she pulls it over her smooth, shiny curves, the suit seems to come alive, hugging her body and showcasing her strength and agility. With practiced ease, she attaches her drysuit gloves and pulls on a tight hood, ready to take on the challenges of the deep. Join her as she dives into the unknown and discover the hidden wonders of the underwater world.

Added: 11th of September 2022

Frogwoman Tatjana - Draeger R60 - HD - 7'05 (819Mb) | PREVIEW

Get ready for a blast from the past as Intrepid Frogwoman Tatjana straps on a vintage Draeger R60 dive mask! Sitting on the rocks at the edge of the lake, she's all suited up in her smooth-skin rubbery neoprene gear, looking like a vintage diving goddess. With a twinkle in her eye, she pulls the straps of the full face mask tight, creating a perfect seal against her face. As she takes a deep breath, the mask starts to fog up, adding to the retro dive experience. It's not long until she's fully immersed in the vintage dive scene and having a blast!

Added: 8th of August 2022

Frogwoman Anne - Draeger Secora Photoshoot - 4K - 4'47 (1Gb) | PREVIEW

Beautiful curvy frogwoman Anne strikes poses for the camera during one of our shoots together. Zipped up in her shiny, skin-tight, smooth-skin wetsuit with a Draeger Secora full face mask strapped on tightly to her hooded head, she is the epitome of grace and beauty. The shiny neoprene material accentuates her curves, making her look like a mermaid in a modern world. Listen as she breathes through her mask, the sound of her steady breath adding to the ambiance of the shoot. As she gracefully strikes different poses, the sunlight dances off her wetsuit and the full face mask, creating a stunning visual. Join us as we capture the beauty of this fearless and skilled diver.

Added: 22nd of May 2022

Frogwoman Sam - Yellow Interspiro GNT Dive - HD - 5'31 (621Mb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Sam is gearing up for an exciting dive, and she starts by meticulously checking her GNT drysuit valves and air feed. She wants to ensure that everything is in perfect working order before she submerges herself in the water. Her equipment is her lifeline, and she takes great care to make sure that everything is functioning properly. Once she's satisfied that everything is in order, she pulls on her yellow Interspiro Divator full face mask. The bright color of the mask makes it easy for her diving partner to spot her in the water, and the full face design provides her with a comfortable and secure fit. She takes a deep breath and pulls the straps tight, making sure that the mask is sealed against her face. With one final check of her equipment, Sam is ready to get wet and explore the depths of the ocean.

Added: 7th of May 2022

Frogwoman Tatjana - Very WET Wetsuit - HD - 10'37 (970Mb) | PREVIEW

Who needs a boring old sauna when you can get all hot and sweaty in a rubber wetsuit? Frogwoman Tatjana is basking in the summer sun, sealed up from head to toe in a sleek black 3mm neoprene rubber wetsuit, complete with rubber gloves, socks and flippers. Her full face dive mask is strapped tightly to her pretty face, and as the temperature rises, she starts to sweat, becoming completely drenched inside her tight wetsuit. It's like a sauna, but way more fun and adventurous! Tatjana enjoys the sensation of the sun and the heat warming her up, getting her ready for her next dive.

Added: 17th of April 2022

GNT Inflate - HD - 9'31 (368Mb) | PREVIEW

It's been a long time coming but finally After diving with her Poseidon Atmosphere full face diving mask in the water, Frogwoman Sam uses the remaining air in her SCUBA tank to inflate her smooth-skin GNT neoprene rubber drysuit!

Added: 10th of April 2022

Frogwoman Anne - Vintage Fashion Shoot - HD - 8'44 (1,03GB) | PREVIEW

Witness the transformation of the girl next door, Frogwoman Anne, as she becomes a captivating subject. Adorned in a vintage-inspired Arena one-piece swimsuit and retro Fashy petal bathing cap, she gracefully poses for the camera. The crowning touch, a full-face snorkel mask straight out of the 1960s, completes her retro look. Join me as we capture the charm, beauty, and curves of this stunning woman in her vintage gear.

Added: 7th of March 2022

Frogwoman Sam - Viking Drysuit Dressing - HD - 5'53 (460Mb) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Sam is a true diving enthusiast, and nothing will stop her from getting in the water. She starts off by donning her sleek, form-fitting smooth-skin neoprene rubber wetsuit, but the excitement doesn't end there. With a sparkle in her eye and a sense of adventure, she steps into something even more extraordinary - a brightly colored and bold vulcanized rubber Viking drysuit, complete with vibrant green and blue hues. As she zips herself up, she feels the added protection and buoyancy the drysuit provides, ready to take on any challenge that lies ahead. With her dual layer of rubber and her fearless attitude, she's ready to dive into the unknown depths and explore the unknown.

Added: 23rd of February 2022

Frogwoman Tatjana - ProAM Yellow Interspiro - HD - 9'25 (980MB) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Tatjana is ready to take on any underwater challenge, fully encased in her protective gear. The heavy vulcanized rubber of her suit create a barrier against the outside world, while her Interspiro Divator Mk.2 full face mask ensures a steady flow of air. Her hands are protected by rubber gloves, with added coverage from the 3 finger mittens, allowing her to dive even in the most contaminated waters with confidence. The combination of the striking hazmat diving suit and her natural beauty make for a truly awe-inspiring sight.

Added: 7th of February 2022

Frogwoman Sam - Wetsuit Dressing - HD - 10'50 (1.18GB) | PREVIEW

Join me as we go behind the scenes with Frogwoman Sam as she gears up for her latest dive. Watch in awe as she expertly slips into her skin-tight neoprene rubber wetsuit, pulling on her neoprene socks and hood with ease. See her wriggle her fingers into her tight rubber gloves, as she straps on her diving knife, compass, and depth meter with precision. With her tank on her back and weight belt securely fastened, she's ready to take on the depths. Over 10 minutes of intense preparation, but it's all worth it for the adventure that awaits.

Added: 22nd of January 2022

Frogwoman Tatjana - Rubber Interspiro Wetsuit Dive - HD - 11'14 (1.33 GB) | PREVIEW

Rubber Interspiro Wetsuit Dive - Frogwoman Tatjana goes for a dive, testing out a rubber Interspiro Divator Mk.2 full face mask. Suited up in her skin-tight smoothskin wetsuit. She straps the mask securely to her face before entering the water to see how she likes the mask.

Added: 5th of January 2022

Frogwoman Anne - Poseidon Viking Dive - HD - 13'11 (1.12 GB) | PREVIEW

German Frogwoman Anne is fully equipped for her dive, encased in a sleek and durable smoothskin neoprene rubber wetsuit and a rugged vulcanized rubber Viking drysuit. She completes her gear with a Poseidon Atmosphere full face mask, ensuring a safe and comfortable dive despite adverse weather conditions. As she plunges into the depths of the ocean, she becomes one with the water, the double layer of rubber protecting her from the elements both above and below the surface.

Added: 21st of December 2021

Frogwoman Tatjana - Poseidon Heavy Gear Dive - HD - 14'57 (1.77 GB) | PREVIEW

With determination in her eyes, Russian Frogwoman Tatjana expertly slides into her sturdy Gates AM Pro rubber drysuit. Every inch of her body is enveloped in a sleek layer of smooth-skin neoprene rubber, providing a barrier against the elements. She takes extra care to ensure a perfect seal, layering on thick, vulcanized rubber for added protection. Her Poseidon full face diving mask is securely fastened, and heavy rubber mittens protect her hands as she gracefully descends into the inviting water. Tatjana is ready for an exhilarating dive, pushing the limits of her equipment and her own endurance.

Added: 5th of December 2021

Frogwoman Émilie - Technisub at the Beach - HD - 11'25 (1.35 GB) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Émilie is about to embark on a thrilling journey as she delves into the depths of the ocean, fully outfitted in her sleek and shiny neoprene rubber wetsuit. Her trusty Technisub full face dive mask is securely fastened to her face, connected by rubber hoses to a vintage Mistral regulator that supplies her with air and releases her exhaled breath. She completes her ensemble with a pair of powerful Balco fins, ready to propel her through the water with ease. With every inch of her body covered in the protective barrier of black rubber, she stands tall, ready to take on the challenges of the deep. The cool, inviting waters beckon her, and she eagerly dives in, ready for an adventure.

Added: 21st of November 2021

Frogwoman Tatjana - GM on the Rocks - HD - 11'52 (1.01 GB) | PREVIEW

Perched on the rocks in her skin-tight neoprene rubber wetsuit, hood and gloves. Tatjana tries out a unique, one of a kind, modified for diving gas mask. What I particularly like about this mask is the curved visor. I love the way it shows the girls eyes and face much clearer than a normal dive mask. I've shot with Tatjana many times and something I've noticed is that she seems to be really into the gear she's wearing. I see her zone out, feeling the mask she's wearing with her rubber gloved hands, or inspecting her long legs, seeing how they look under a neoprene skin. Suddenly there is a slight awkwardness as she realizes I'm still there shooting, her cheeks blush ever so slightly. I wonder what she's been thinking about?

Added: 5th of November 2021

Frogwoman Anne - The AGAnaut - HD - 11'57 (1.01 GB) | PREVIEW

Way back in 1963, the Swedish company AGA launched their first fog free full face dive mask, the AGA mask. Manufactured from natural rubber, dry air flushes the inside of the visor, keeping it fog free. The mask Frogwoman Anne has strapped to her pretty face was originally purchased in 1980. Smoothskin wetsuit, matching hood, rubber gloves, lead weights and a 7 litre dive tank complete her minimalist dive attire. Of the many full face masks I posses, the AGA mask is the one that I think frames Anne's face the best, showing off her lovely eyes to perfection. Read about what went on behind the scenes.

Added: 20th of October 2021

Frogwoman Tatjana - The Frogwoman - HD - 10'24 (906 MB) | PREVIEW

Imagine a stunning, statuesque woman standing on the rocky shore, her vibrant red hair blowing in the wind. Meet Tatjana, the ultimate Frogwoman. Her striking presence is only heightened by her classic diving attire - a sleek, smoothskin neoprene rubber wetsuit that hugs every curve of her body, dive knives strapped to her calf, and rubber fins on her feet. The contrasting yellow weights on her hips and her matching yellow and black rubber dive mask and snorkel complete the look, making her a true diving goddess. She exudes confidence and grace as she prepares to dive into the unknown depths of the ocean, leaving all who see her in awe.

Added: 5th of October 2021

Frogwoman Sam - Smoothskin Technisub - HD - 5'42 (584 MB) | PREVIEW

Samantha, aka "Sam," reached out to me as one of the few rare Frogwomen who found my work of interest. She wanted to try various suits and masks. Although distance was an issue, we managed to arrange one shoot. For her gear, Sam selected a sleek one-piece wetsuit with a matching hood and socks. She added a Technisub full-face mask connected to a Mistral dual-hose regulator, which she secured tightly to her face. To ensure comfort, Sam brought her own rubber riding boots to protect her feet from sharp stones and mud. She even chose to wear them in the water.

Added: 20th of September 2021

Frogwoman Anna - Old and New - HD - 12'24 (1.10 GB) | PREVIEW

After squeezing herself into the tightest vintage sharkskin drysuit, Frogwoman Anna is all geared up in her authentic retro dive equipment. With a Fenzy BCD, sharkskin neoprene gloves and oval dive mask. However, not everything is as vintage as seen. The Mistral twin-hose regulator may look as if it came straight out of the 1960s, but it's new and offers all of the reliability and safety expected from modern day diving equipment. See what went on behind the scenes.

Added: 5th of September 2021

Rubbery French Frogwoman Lisa - HD - 20'28 (1.83GB) | PREVIEW

Petite French Frogwoman Lisa simply loves to be covered from head to toe in her rubbery neoprene wetsuit, hood, socks and long gloves. With an awesome blue silicon gas mask strapped to her face, she sits under the hot South of France sun, splashing the water with her rubber Balco flippers as we admire the glistening water running down her suit.

Added: 20th of August 2021

Frogwoman Anne - Draeger FFM Wetsuit Dive - HD - 9'02 (1.02GB) | PREVIEW

Frogwoman Anne is a force to be reckoned with as she sets off on her daring mission into enemy territory. Clad in sleek, black neoprene rubber from head to toe, she's a shadowy figure ready to strike. Her skin-tight suit is the perfect camouflage, making her virtually invisible as she moves stealthily through the water. But she's not just relying on her stealthy suit to protect her - she's also armed with powerful shooting hardware, ready to take down any obstacle that stands in her way. This fearless lady is not one to be underestimated, and she's determined to complete her mission at any cost. Will you join her on her thrilling journey?

Added: 5th of August 2021

Frogwoman Anna - Cressi FFM Drysuit Dive - HD - 7'59 (696MB) | PREVIEW

Enjoy watching petite blonde Frogwoman Anna struggling under some very heavy rubber. Zipped up tightly in her pink and blue Viking Drysuit, she pulls on a Cressi full face mask which is attached to a modern Mistral twin-hose regulator. Under all the weight of the suit and tank she is breathing heavily. Finally when she gets into the water she gets stuck on her back, the heavy dive tank pulling her down as she struggles to get upright! However you can't keep a good girl down and she found the whole situation very funny and enjoyed her heavy rubber dive.

Added: 20th of July 2021

Frogwoman Tatjana - SCUBAPro FFM - HD - 16'38 (1.41Gb) | PREVIEW

In my opinion, there's nobody better to show of this rarely seen full face dive mask than Russian beauty Frogwoman Tatjana. The SCUBAPro FFM is of silicon construction and can accommodate various 2nd stages of your own choosing. With it's oversized tempered glass visor it's easy for us to see Tatjana's beautiful eyes and the mask fits easily and tightly to her face, creating a good stable seal. Tatjana enjoyed wearing the mask and it's one of my many masks that I need to resurrect for use in some future shoots with new Frogwomen.

Added: 5th of July 2021

Frogwoman Emilie - Beavertail Babe - HD - 6'26 (745Mb) | PREVIEW

A stunning French woman wearing a vintage style beavertail wetsuit at the beach is for me one of the most beautiful things to see, particularly when she is posing playfully for you. Frogwoman Emilie has squeezed herself into a smoothskin rubber wetsuit, with her dive mask perched precariously on her head, speargun in hand, she plays in the Mediterranean surf, all eyes are on her and she knows it!

Added: 20th of June 2021